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Hits on the V-site ?

Winnipeg Fury

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quote:Originally posted by Winnipeg Fury

Anyone know how many hits on the Voyageur site last year ?

Ya know it's interesting to note that the number of times read can be 100 to one or more than posters. For example "Current Champs Global Champions League Pool" thread (at this time) has 76 posts but has 1780 read's .

So there must be a sh*t load of lurkers out there!

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quote:Originally posted by Jarrek

500,000 unique visitors, over 4,000,000 repeat ...

That's not exactly unique unique is it? What did Chretien say, younick or something?

Cause with the exception of cable users, people would count as a unique every time they logged on and off. So actual unique visitors is probably a lot lot less.

Just wanted to say that before somebody wonders why 500 000 people come here but nobody buys Lynx tickets.

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There is some repetition with the unique hit count though. Typically a unique visit is defined as one individual visiting the site once within an hour or whatever fixed period is set by the system admin. The unique visitor is identified by unique attributes such as IP address, browser, operating system etc.

So, if you visit the site at 10:15am, no matter how many pages you open you still only count as one unique visitor but if you stay active on the site for more than an hour or come back again in the afternoon or the next day you will be counted again.

500,000 unique visits doesn't mean 500,000 different people have visited the site.

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