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A Canadian Soccer Foundation is need.


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A Canadian Soccer Foundation is need in this country just like they have in the USA. www.ussoccerfoundation.org If you look through that site you see all the good things for soccer in that country it has acomplished. Why don't we have one here? The money? It could start out with a small budget, sponsors and donation could be where it comes from. It has to start somewhere.

What do you guys think?

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Why must the CSA be involved? Just take the bull by the horns, put together a business plan, recruit the sponsors/donors and get going. People keep saying the CSA never starts anything and just climbs on bandwagons, well start building a bandwagon, the CSA will climb aboard soon enough if these people are right.

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I don't think the CSA need be involved at all really. ANybody can set up a non-profit organisation. Perhaps a good place to start would be to research provincial/federal non-profit organisation rules and requirements. It might need a lawyer to set up the legal basis, one advantage of working with the CSA would be access to legal resources. Here are a few places to start your research.

Canada Revenue Agency: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tax/nonprofit/menu-e.html

Starting a Non-Profit Organisation: http://www.mapnp.org/library/strt_org/strt_np/strt_np.htm

Non-profit Organisations: http://www.nonprofitscan.ca/

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I know it's been 8 years that people were talking about it, but I see that MLS is giving money from fines to 2 foundations including the US Soccer Foundation. (The other is the Kirk Urso memorial fund).

So these are the foundations programs:

Soccer for Success

Soccer for Success is our innovative after-school program that provides children in urban, underserved areas with structured physical activity, nutrition education and mentorship at no cost to their families.

Safe Places to Play

In our efforts to grow the game of soccer, we help build and/or enhance fields across the nation for children in under-resourced urban areas. Since our inception, we have helped build or enhance over 1,100 fields across the United States.


We collect and redistribute new and gently used soccer equipment to children in need around the world through our Passback program. To date, we have collected and redistributed close to 900,000 pieces of equipment.

Aren't their Canadian equivalents for these type of programs?

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