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[R] U-16 Friendly: Canada-Scotland (Game #1)

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Final Score: Canada-Scotland 2-2 (0-2)

Canada's Goals: Both by Marcus Haber

Venue: Ontario Soccer Centre (Outdoor Field Turf), Woodbridge ON

Canada played really well tonight. Canada dominated possession the entire match. Scotland rarely got into the offensive half of the field. Both of Scotland's first half goals were scored off of corner kicks, against the run of play. Canada's starting keeper, Jaswinder Gill, seemed quite timid. He should have been more aggressive on both goals. In the first half, Canada would get close to the 18 yard box before their attacks would break down. Canada's best chance in the first half came off a free kick into the box that Marcus Haber headed to the net, which required a nice save from the Scotish keeper.

Canada started the second half with a new keeper, Adam Street. He was a late replacement for Marc-Andre Laplante, and is apparently only 13 years old. He was forced to make an excellent save early in the second half. He was much more aggressive than Gill on corners. In the second half, Canada continued to dominate the play. Before Canada scored its first goal, two seperate appeals for penalties were waved off by the ref. But finally a goal would come. Marcus Haber, the tallest player on the field, headed in from a corner. Five minutes later, Haber would score again, this time he simply had to tap in a re-bound.

Overall the match was very phyisical. The Scottish players were all bigger than the Canadian players, with Haber being the lone exception. Canada were actually playing positive soccer, while Scotland simply tried to get by on brute force.

Players that impressed me:

Marcus Haber - scored the 2 goals and looks like he handles the target striker role really well.

Adam Street - a pretty good shop stopper. Needs to get a little more distance and accuracy on his kicking though.

Kennedy Owasu-Ansah - played right-back and looked calm in defending and moving up.

A couple of the midfielders played well, but I can't remember their numbers. They were doing those Brazilian dummy moves pretty well.

Overall the team played well. Looks like Stephan Hart can take a few of these kids to Mexico for U-17 qualifying if necessary. Its not often that you get to see a Canadian team come from behind and actually tie a match.

Note: Edited to correct second half keeper.

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Good report!

Actually Canada's goalie in the second half was Adam Street. (Marc-Andre LaPlante was a scratch).

I got a copy of the roster at halftime.

I'll try and post something tomorrow night.

Whatta crowd eh? Every seat filled and people on the east side knoll. That'd make about 500. About 150 left by the start of the second half when it got cold and dark. About half the crowd were as young or younger than the players on the field. Free admission.

Better get there early all who are going on Saturday afternoon.

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Good to hear that we are playing positive football at this age....its the only way we will improve as a nation even if that means it may take some time to develop that skill and ingenuity in the final third. The way Scotland seems to have played will get them no where in the long run and its good to see we have abandoned that approach at the youth level, U-20 level and indeed at the national level. Very encouragning indeed.

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quote:Originally posted by Rocket Robin

Good report!

Actually Canada's goalie in the second half was Adam Street. (Marc-Andre LaPlante was a scratch).

I got a copy of the roster at halftime.

I'll try and post something tomorrow night.

Whatta crowd eh? Every seat filled and people on the east side knoll. That'd make about 500. About 150 left by the start of the second half when it got cold and dark. About half the crowd were as young or younger than the players on the field. Free admission.

Better get there early all who are going on Saturday afternoon.

That would explain why I heard people saying that the keeper was 13 years old.

Man, did it get cold fast. It must have dropped 10 degrees as soon as the first half ended.

As for the ref, I think he was trying too hard to not look like a homer. He basically allowed Scotland to push our players around, but they played well inspite of this disadvantage.

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Men's Junior (U-17) Development Team

Friday, April 15, 2005

Canada Settles For 2-2 Draw With Scotland

In its second international match, Canada’s U16 National Team (1989), despite dominating much of the game, battled back from two goals down to share the spoils with an organized Scotland side on Thursday at the Soccer Centre in Vaughan, Ontario. Against the run of play, Scotland raced out to an early two goal lead but Canada’s dominance finally paid dividends in the second half. Marcus Haber (Vancouver, BC) grabbed a goal back in the 75th minute with a deft header then equalized minutes later when he reacted quickest to a rebound inside the Scottish area.

Canada out chanced the Scots in the opening half but it was Scotland that left for the interval with a two goal lead.

In the 10th minute, Scotland broke quickly down the left and swung a hopeful ball into the area. An inadvertent flick off the head of a Canadian defender helped the ball toward the back post where an unmarked Scottish attacker volleyed in easily for the opener.

Canada, who was determined to undo the mishap, pressed forward but was unable to beat the Scottish keeper despite numerous chances. Sean Rosa (Montreal, QC) perhaps had the best of Canada’s numerous opportunities to equalize when he sliced across the top of the area then toe-poked a shot that sailed just wide of the upper left corner.

Despite the superiority in possession, Canada quickly found themselves two goals down when they failed to clear a corner and was duly punished. The ball fell fortuitously to Shaun Kane who easily nodded home from 7 yards out and suddenly the Canucks seemed out of the contest.

But the second half saw a rejuvenated Canada, however, despite the energy, second half substitute Adam Street (Brampton, ON) was called upon to keep the game within reach. Street, who had been added to the roster to replace an injured Marc-Andre Laplante, sailed across the face of the goal to palm away a rocket that seemed destined for the upper left corner.

The save seemed to spark the Young Canadians and suddenly, playing like a team that knew it deserved better, the young Canadian side pressed forward and was rewarded in the 75th minute for their industry.

Derek Gaudet (Bayside, NS) swung a freekick into the Scottish area for Haber. Haber out jumped everyone and deftly flicked the ball into the far post for Canada’s first. Minutes later the BC-native equalized.

Again, Gaudet was integrally involved when his shot from the top of the box was mishandled by the Scottish keeper. Haber pounced first and easily tapped in for his second of the night but more importantly had grabbed the elusive equalizer.

Both teams shared half-chances to grab the lead but in the end had to settle for a draw.

Canada will play Scotland again on April 16 at the Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 3:00 p.m. to wrap up the training camp.

Thursday, April 14, 2005 - International Friendly

The Soccer Centre - Vaughan, Ontario

CANADA – 2 (0)

SCOTLAND – 2 (2)

Goals: CAN – Haber (75, 79); SCOTLAND – Anton (10), Kane (31)

Cautions: none

Expulsions - none

CANADA: 1 – GILL Jaswinder (22 – STREET, Adam, 45); 2 – OWUSU-ANSAH Kennedy; 3 – ATTAKORA, Nana; 4 – SMITH, Liam; 5 – SURPRENANT, Alex (13 – AUGRUSO, Adam, 69); 7 – ROSA, Sean (16 – ROBERTS, Dane, 84); 8 – PEREIRA, Michael (Captain); 10 – GAUDET, Derek; 12 – HABER, Marcus; 11 – GALA, Gabriel; 14 – SAIKO, Shaun

Head Coach: HART Stephen

Subs not used: 6 – MELO, Joey; 9 – RUTLEDGE, Todd; 15 – LASSONDE, Fabrice; 17 – LEKO, Christopher


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Might as well post my whole report here instead of just the summary because my web site is still frozen after finally passing the 20MB limit after nine years so I can't get this on my own site. Maybe next week it'll be back with more space.


Result of the International Friendly of Thursday April 14th, 2005 between the Under 17 Men's teams of Canada and Scotland played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:00pm.

Canada (all red, white numbers)

........................1 Jaswinder Gill

2 Kennedy Owasu-Ansah...3 Nana Attakora...4 Liam Smith...5 Alex Suprenant

7 Sean Rosa...8 Michael Pereira (cpt)...14 Shaun Saiko...11 Gabriel Gala

...................12 Marcus Haber...10 Derek Gaudet

Subs:...6 Joey Melo (mid)...9 Todd Rutledge (fwd)...13 Adam Augruso (def)...15 Fabrice Lassonde (mid)...16 Dane Roberts (mid)...17 Christopher Leko (def)...22 Adam Street (gk)

team officials:...head coach Stphen Hart...assistant coach Patrick Tobo

Scotland (navy socks and shirts, white shorts and numbers)

..........................16 David Lyvie

6 Paul Hart...4 Jamie Dailly...5 Tom Craig (cpt)...3 Jonathon Black

2 Chris Anton...8 Scott Kane...12 Jason Hendry...11 Gary Higgins

....................17 Shaun Kane...14 Gavin Middleton

Subs:...1 Peter Shaw...7 Greg Bishop...9 John Borthwick...10 Kyle Hay...15 Kevin Woods

team officials:...head coach Stewart Neilson...assistant coach David Young

Game officials:...referee Michael Lambert...referee's assistants Zoran Kristo and Joe Fletcher...fourth official Steve Cahoon

1st Half:...starts 7:03pm...Canada defends north end on this warm evening with the bright sun in the west.

3 min...Can Gaudet lobs ball over defenders, Can Haber chests ball down but 18 yard shot deflected away.

4 min...Can Gaudet gets centering roller and sends weak shot wide right of net from 12 yards.

7 min...Can goalie out to edge of box to catch long lobbed ball.

8 min...Can Gala bashes through defenders and is knocked over but wins cornerkick.

8 min...Can Attakora leaping header from 7 yards from right post is headed just wide right after receiving cornerkick from right.

9 min...Can Rosa shot up middle after run is deflected low and wide right of net.

9 min...Can Gaudet cornerkick from right is skipped over players in box.

11 min...Scot Chris Anton GOAL...Scot Gary Higgins cross from left corner, Can defender sends it through box on header. Anton takes low 12 yard shot from right that's into right side of net.

15 min...Scot Craig bumps Can Haber off ball before he can get away a shot after Can Owasu-Ansah sends long ball up middle.

17 min...Can goalie beats Scot Higgins to cross from right.

23 min...Can Rosa runs parallel to 25 yard line from right dribbling through defenders and lofts shot from left that's well left of net.

26 min...Can Haber gets away shot that's blocked by defender from 5 yards on right post.

31 min...Scot Higgins cornerkick from right. Can Owasu-Ansah heads ball in crowd safely over own net on pop up.

33 min...Scot Shaun Kane GOAL...Scot Gary Higgins cornerkick from right is headed around in box. Kane heads ball over goalie from 8 yards as he's left all alone away from crowd of players in box.

37 min...Can Suprenant long 45 yard freekick from left is into box and after ball knocked on net, goalie smothers it.

38 min...Can goalie leaps for catch on ball into box.

38 min...Scot Kane rush oon right to ball and 25 yard blast is well over net.

39 min...Scot Higgins freekick from left edge of box is headed out by Can Suprenant standing behind Can wall of players.

41 min...Can Gala 25 yard shot is caught by flying goalie after Scot goalie kicks bad clearance to Can Gaudet who quickly passes left.

45 min...Can Saiko runs up middle but passes off to right, Can Haber (?) crosses high that drifts to right over net.

46 min...Can Saiko gets ball rolling in Scot box and low 7 yard shot is blocked by sliding goalie.

47 min...half ends 7:50pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:08pm...weather was now darkening and the temperature was dropping very rapidly. I changed into my parka between the half.

halftime sub:...Can Adam Street replaces Jaswinder Gill as goalie.

46 min...Scot Hart is injured near center circle.

49 min...Can Gaudet runs through middle and Scot defender catches him on edge of box and shoulder grabs him which causes him to dive.

50 min...Scot Middleton 25 yard blast through box palmed wide left by flying goalie after rebound of freekick.

51 min...Scot Middleton cornerkick from left is caught in crowd of players by goalie.

53 min...Scot goalie rushes to right to smother through-ball to Can Rosa.

54 min...Can Gaudet cornerkick from right is headed away by first defender.

55 min...Can Rosa cross from right corner near flag is caught by goalie.

58 min...Can player's 27 yard freekick is palmed wide right by diving goalie.

62 min...Can Saiko low roller through defenders saved by crumpling goalie.

63 min...Scot Saiko low 30 yard shot bounce to goalie.

66 min...Can Haber pops up header that's caught by goalie.

67 min...Can Gaudet pushes over again on his rush into Scot box.

67 min...Can goalie catches cross from right.

68 min...Scot goalie dives out for through ball that's pushed too far forward by Can Haber to make play.

69 min...Can sub...Augruso replaces Suprenant.

70 min...Can Rosa rush on right and crosses into box over Can players heads.

71 min...Can Gaudet dance along edge of box and weak low shot is picked up by goalie.

73 min...Scot sub...Bishop replaces Kane.

74 min...Can Marcus Haber GOAL...Can Derek Gaudet 35 yard freekick from left has charging Haber flick-head ball from 7 yards into bottom left corner of net.

74 min...Can sub...Roberts replaces Rosa.

75 min...Scot sub...Borthwick replaces Hendry.

75 min...Scot Black injured near center line.

77 min...Can Marcus Haber GOAL...Can Derek Gaudet 25 yard shot through crowd of players has sprawling Scot goalie block shot and Haber scoop 10 yard loose ball rebound over fallen goalie into net.

83 min...Can goalie's clearance deflects off charging Scot player wide left of net.

84 min...Scot Black 35 yard cross from left caught by goalie.

85 min...Can Attakora injured in Can box negating offside trap attempt and Can goalie has to rush out to catch cross. Scot Craig is injured on play.

87 min...Can player's long cross from left has Scot goalie knock ball down and Scot Craig able to clear ball.

88 min...Can player's 35 yard blast through players in box is low and wide left.

90 min...Scot Middleton cornerkick from left is punched forward by leaping goalie in crowd of players.

91 min...Scot Borthwick holds off defender on high ball but his weak shot forward is easily saved.

93 min...Can Gala injured on high kick to face near center circle.

game ends 8:57pm.

Final Score:............Canada U17's...........2...........Scotland U17's............2...........

Attendance was around 500 with every seat on the stands on the west side filled at the beginning of the game and the overflow of people standing on the hill on the east side. About half the crowd was younger than the players on the field as there were lots of youth teams watching. By the second half when it was dark and the temperature plunging, there were about 150 seats emptied out. The crowd was mostly pro-Canadian.

I was impressed with the Canadian's coming back in the second half and getting enough goals to tie it. The first Scotland goal was really on their first chance on net. Their back four looked strong with blocking Canadian players shots on the edge of the box and nudging the players off the ball before the Canadians could blast a shot on net. Scottish captain/defender Tom Craig could rush back and catch the one or two Canadian forwards who broke through the lines. Canada's second half goalie Adam Street looked more confident and picked up the team when called upon to make a save. Canadian Derek Gaudet had some good rushes but then often couldn't get away a shot after doing some good dribbling. He did set up both goals from a freekick and a hot shot the goalie couldn't catch and spilled for a big rebound. The tall Marcus Haber and Nana Attakora were up for headers in the Scot box.

Players seemed to be getting hurt more in the second half maybe cramping up after knocks with the falling temperatures. Saturday's rematch promises to be played in a much hotter temperature according to weather reports.

Rocket Robin


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