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Rugby? Is that like a game ..............ooops. It's like Cricket, I need someone who knows the game to sit beside me and explain it to me so I understand what's going on. I just don't get them, and I'm a sports junkie. [B)]

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quote:Originally posted by DoyleG

Only Impact Support has been the one pushing it.

At this point, I've now been pushing this less and less. The only reason I saw this as a model at the time is concerning the use or underuse of existing resources and structures notably the provincial select teams. More and more I've been looking at a North American way using the Voyageurs Cup as a Canada Open Cup and the Can-Am Cup as a North American Division 1 Championship.

To elaborate :

Division 1 - Can-Am Cup 12 teams home and away competition

Division 2 - 12 regional conferences (e.g. Great Lakes=Michigan, Ohio, Western Ontario)covering Canada and the US

Division 3 - 12 regional conferences

Division 4 - provincial and state leagues

Just a thought.

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Guest HamiltonSteelers

I would back up the RCSL as a blueprint. It would be successful if rugby had even half the number of participants and supporters that soccer has... but they have an actual infrastructure which is worthy of copying, IMHO.

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The RCSL basically replaced the old Provincial squads with far more regional teams. The teams are run by the respective RU's in those regions. Teams are basically run on PDL-Style budgets

RCSL Attendance from 2003 (World Football Rankings):

Black Spruce (NB): 1,530

Newfoundland Rock: 1,601

Nova Scotia Keltics: 1,652

Ottawa Harlequins: 312

Toronto Xtremes: 2,764

Calgary Mavericks: 883

Edmonton Gold: 432

Prarie Fire (SK): 890

Manitoba Buffaloes: 777

Vancouver Wave: 1,551

Vancouver Island Crimson Tide: 1,222

Fraser Valley Venom: 1,940

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