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...and it was about time something went wrong.

Posted By marcp on Thursday, April 7 2005

An interview with Technical Advisor Dick Howard has revealed that the anticipated return of English midfielder Darren Baxter is not to be.

The mercurial midfielder, rumoured to have interested the MLS, had a difficult off-season after he picked up an injury in a reserve match with English club QPR. Despite his appearance at the Lamport match vs U of T, it seems that head coach Hubert Busby has declined to re-sign Baxter for the upcoming season.

In other news, Howard hinted at the signing of a quality A-League defender (rumoured to be J***** P*****), however would not reveal any specifics. Andres Arango, Joe Mattachione, and Shawn Faria are confirmed for the season, as is Theo Zagar, returning from a stint in Crotchester.

The Lynx are also waiting on the indoor careers of Robbie Aristodemo and Edgar Bartholomeu to see whether the club will feature their talents this season.

In the interview, Dick also commented on his role with the Lynx, the future of the club, and his history as a FIFA representative.

The full interview with Dick Howard is available here in the audio section of the site.


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