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Edmonton Enters teams in Super Y League


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quote:Originally posted by Calgary Boomer

This is good news. Just need a Super-Y set-up in Victoria now, and with the Whitecaps and Abbotsford and the Cascadia Teams, there could be some good rivalries brewing.

I wonder if there would be the odd interlocking games between the Alberta teams and the Pacific Northwest teams.

Sorry for the late response but I just stumbled across this and in case you did not know.

There has been a Super-Y setup in Victoria for two years now (possibly back to 2004).

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The thread title should be 'Edmonton & Calgary forbidden to enter Super-Y league teams by soccer governing bodies'. No wonder most kids leave the program at 13-14, it's a joke the way these organizations are governed. Who the hell gains by decisions like these.

Our best athletes (except for a small percentage of Cdn boys who are mostly 1st generation offspring of immigrants) get the hell out of soccer and into a sport where they can experience an atmosphere of excellence. Such an atmosphere is completely foreign to soccer in this country.

And look what's happening on the women's side.

Imagine if Hayley Wickenheiser, Cassie Campbell and Danielle Goyette quit the women's hockey team the year before the Olympic games. That is precisely what is happening with our women's team.

There has to be some accountability from the top down.

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