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April 5 Friendly: Whitecaps vs VMSL Allstars [R]


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The Caps beat the VMSL all-stars 4-2 on rain soaked field. Last year it was 2-1. The All-stars wre ready for the game, as many of them made it to the one team practice.

The Caps started their regular line-up, with new additions Mark Watson and Steve Klein getting the start. The starters took it to the VMSL for the first 20 minutes, but generated few real scoring chances, but those that did happen were shut down by Cory Breure in the all-stars goal. After 20 minutes, the all-stars started to play with confidence and matched the Caps. The half ended 0-0.

The All-stars made 7 subs at the half, while the Caps kept their line-up intact, resulting in two quick Caps goals past the second goalie Denis Kindel. The Caps then made subs and the All-stars brought back two starters. The changes led to two All-star goals to tie the game at 2-2. Those goals were scored by fomer Caps Chris Clarke and Johnny Sulentic. Caps continued to make changes, bringing on hopefuls, who helped the Caps get two very late goals to make the final score 4-2.

The Caps looked okay for pre-season, but no-one stood out.

Six VMSL All-stars (Breure, Clarke, Sulentic, Steve Dickenson, Jeff Skinner and Tiernan King) raised their games to make things difficult for the Caps.

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Originally posted by Footy - 04/06/2005 : 17:40:24</u>

I dont think any of you local voyageurs went to the match last night in SUNNY Tsawassen. So thought I would give you a run down on a pretty good game played in horrible wet conditions.

Whitecaps opened the scoring in second half on a couple of goals from Jason Jordan who impressed coach Lilley. VMSL answered and scored on goals from former 86r Chris Clarke and former Whitecap Johnny Sulentic who notched one from the penalty spot. The Whitecaps took the lead on a goal from Steve Klein and a injury time goal from Said Ali final 4-2

I snapped a few pics before my battery died !


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