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Finalization of 2005 Voyageurs Cup schedule


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We need to finalize the Voyageurs Cup schedule over the next couple of days (hence, I have to stop procrastinating and finally post this [:P]).

Here is the schedule if we follow the usual policy of counting the last home match for each team against each other team (home teams are listed first):

[*]April 24 - Vancouver vs. Toronto

[*]July 22 - Toronto vs. Montreal

[*]July 24 - Montreal vs. Toronto

[*]August 31 - Montreal vs. Vancouver

[*]September 2 - Toronto vs. Vancouver

[*]September 11 - Vancouver vs. Montreal

So the way it stands, there is a huge 3-month gap between the first two matches. I had earlier suggested that we might want to go against our policy in order to reduce this gap. We can do this by replacing one of the July matches with the corresponding one of the following (replacing both wouldn't make sense as that would just create another large gap):

May 15 - Toronto vs. Montreal [drop July 22]

June 3 - Montreal vs. Toronto [drop July 24]

This is not the first time we have considered going against our policy. In the past, the overwhelming consensus was always to stick with the policy. I am inclined to do the same here, and suspect that others will feel the same way. But given the unprecedented existence of a 3-month gap, I thought it would be worth considering a change once again.

For now let's assume that we will use the schedule as proposed above. If you agree with this then you do not need to reply (actually, I'd prefer if you would not reply, unless you have an interesting comment). If you think there should be a change as proposed above then reply, indicating which match you would replace.

This is not a vote. I'm looking for strong and substantial support for a change, otherwise we'll stick with what we have.

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Who cares about the gap? We'd just be creating new, smaller gaps (but still significant). Stick with the last home game, we need consistency. It's not like we're scheduling the games and need to build excitement and market them...

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quote:Originally posted by matthew

I've always liked having the bulk of the games towards the end of the season because the teams are generally more stable in their roster and have their best roster towards the end of the year.

Just my two bits



So you'd be against moving the games forward, then. Correct?

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