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Current Champ's Multiboard USL Prediction Pool

Former Champ

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It's reasonably easy and free to enter and all for fun, although I'll buy a beer for the winner at the next game we attend.

I'm quite happy with the response I got for the UEFA pool (20 entries from 5 countries) so I decided to try a multiboard USL pool. I'll try all the USL D1 sites and a few others and we'll see what we get. Thanks to a little help, I tracked down a dozen boards.

If you wanna check the teams and schedules this is the USL fan site:


To make it easy this is a one off pool, meaning you enter once and don't have to worry about it again. The scoring is a little complicated but that's my job, your job isn't quite as difficult.


1) You need to put the teams in the USL D1 in order from 1st to 12th as you believe they will finish at the end of the 28 game regular season.

2) You need to predict how many victories each team will have at the end of the 28 game regular season.


Scoring. (you only score points for correct predictions and lose points for incorrect ones)

1) Playoffs:

- Correctly predict a team making the playoffs (top 4) and earn +10 points per correct prediction.

2) Standings

- For each team, you earn or lose points depending on how far off your prediction of thier final placing was.

correct pick = +10 points

off by 1 position = -1 point

off by 2 positions = -3 points

off by 3 positions = -5 points

off by 4 positions = -7 points

off by 5 positions = -9 points

off by 6 positions = -12 points

off by 7 positions = -15 points

off by 8 positions = -18 points

off by 9 positions = -21 points

off by 10 positions = -25 points

off by 11 positions = -30 points

3) Wins

- Correctly predict the number of wins for a team and earn +10 points

- For each win you are off by, lose 1/2 point.

Confused? Here is an example...

As with the UEFA Pool we add a bit of random determination with 'Kjersti the Pool *****' who will once again be the first to toss her hat into the ring. Also, please use her example as a template for your entry.


Kjersti the Pool *****(why do the Voyageurs hate my *****?)

1. Virginia Beach (19w)

2. Richmond (18w)

3. Minnesota (16w)

4. Atlanta (14w)

5. Rochester (12w)

6. Charlston (11w)

7. Portland (10w)

8. Vancouver (9w)

9. Toronto (8w)

10. Montreal (6w)

11. Puerto Rico (4w)

12. Seattle (3w)


Lets assume the teams finish in alphabetical order and the win column is quite simple..

1 ATLANTA Silverbacks (15w)

2 CHARLSTON Battery (14w)

3 MINNESOTA Thunder (13w)

4 MONTREAL Impact (12w)

5 PORTLAND Timbers (11w)

6 PUERTO RICO Islanders (10w)

7 RICHMOND Kickers (10w)

8 ROCHESTER Raging Rhinos (9w)

9 SEATTLE Sounders (8w)

10 TORONTO Lynx (7w)

11 VANCOUVER Whitecaps (6w)

12 VIRGINIA BEACH Mariners (5w)

Kjersti's scoring in this example:

1) Playoffs:

Minnesota and Atlanta (+20 points)

2) Standings and 3) Wins

1. Virginia Beach (19w) [finished 12th, off 11 places = -30 points] [off by 14 wins = -7 points]

2. Richmond (18w) [finished 7th, off 5 places -9 points] [off by 8 wins = -4 points]

3. Minnesota (16w) [Correct Pick = +10 points] [off by 3 wins = -1.5 points]

ect, ect for all 12 teams... as you can see it'll take one smart cookie to finish above zero.


Just post you picks (using the *****'s template) and that's all it takes. I'll update the standings every month.

Entry deadline will be Thursday April 21st (yes I know the season already started...).

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Call me a homer, but the Impact's just so strong this season on paper. For the total # of wins league-wide I did NOT do the math.

Don't the top 6 make the playoffs?

Also, can I edit this before a certain deadline?

1. MONTREAL Impact (19w)

2. ROCHESTER Raging Rhinos (16w)

3. RICHMOND Kickers (15w)

4. VANCOUVER Whitecaps (15w)

5. PORTLAND Timbers (14w)

6. CHARLESTON Battery (13w)

7. SEATTLE Sounders (13w)

8. MINNESOTA Thunder (12w)

9. TORONTO Lynx (10w)

10. VIRGINIA BEACH Mariners (10w)

11. ATLANTA Silverbacks (10w)

12. PUERTO RICO Islanders (6w)

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Nice pool, CC!

1. Montreal (19 wins)

2. Vancouver (18 wins)

3. Rochester (16 wins)

4. Seattle (16 wins)

5. Charleston (15 wins)

6. Toronto (14 wins)

7. Portland (12 wins)

8. Virginia Beach (11 wins)

9. Richmond (10 wins)

10. Minnesota (10 wins)

11. Atlanta (9 wins)

12. Puerto Rico (5 wins)

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While I usually disagree with Rhinos fans on ethical grounds, one brought up a nice point. We could try and predict every series (not every week, but at the beginning of the season) and like this we could follow results week by week.

Template (in part):

(H-A unless 4 games)

Montreal-PR (4 games)

Montreal-Toronto (4 games)

Montreal-Rochester (4 games)

Rochester-PR (4 games)

Rochester-Toronto (4 games)

Toronto-PR (4 games)









etc. It's less per team as you go down the chart.

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I encourage someone to come up with another pool. Part of my plan was to spread the soccer word! I would join it and I would help spread it around.

My pool was always intended to be a simple `One-off` for the lazy folk out there. Mildly challenging, but easy enough to appeal to a larger group and encourage interest in USL for the fence sitters.

ONCE AGAIN, I have no illusions of grandeur. Just looking for a fun distraction from the daily grind;).

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Guest HamiltonSteelers

CC, do you have an account on the thundercrew.com site?

If not, I believe you can post as a guest... because I pay attention so much, being a site admin and all ;)

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quote:Originally posted by HamiltonSteelers

CC, do you have an account on the thundercrew.com site?

If not, I believe you can post as a guest... because I pay attention so much, being a site admin and all ;)

Yeah, I registered a while ago, and when I decided to post the pool there my password didn't work. I clicked on the 'forgot password' thingy and never heard back...:(

Why don't you post it there for me and I'll just copy anyones picks...

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1. PORTLAND Timbers (18w)

2. ROCHESTER Raging Rhinos (18w)

3. MONTREAL Impact (17w)

4. SEATTLE Sounders (16w)

5. VANCOUVER Whitecaps (16w)

6. TORONTO Lynx (15w)

7. CHARLESTON Battery (13w)

8. RICHMOND Kickers (13w)

9. MINNESOTA Thunder (13w)

10 VIRGINIA BEACH Mariners (11w)

11 ATLANTA Silverbacks (10w)

12 PUERTO RICO Islanders (8w)

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Here are my picks. I hope there not too late:

1 PORTLAND Timbers (21w)

2 MONTREAL Impact (21w)

3 RICHMOND Kickers (18w)

4 ROCHESTER Raging Rhinos (18w)

5 VANCOUVER Whitecaps (16w)

6 MINNESOTA Thunder (17w)

7 ATLANTA Silverbacks (14w)

8 TORONTO Lynx (12w)

9 SEATTLE Sounders (12w)

10 VIRGINIA BEACH Mariners (10w)

11 CHARLSTON Battery (9w)

12 PUERTO RICO Islanders (7w)

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Awright... ...

Contest is more or less closed as I'm copying all the info right now. I'm leaving for the Whitecaps season opener tomorrow after work so this is my last chance to take down names.

I guess a lot of y'awl posted on your local sites, so overall Canadian participation in the pool was great, but...


Southsiders 4

Voyageurs 10

USLD1 Pool

SS 6

Vs 4

Soooooo... if I get home next week, and someone entered near-ish to the deadline, I'll let it slide.

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