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If I had $10 million...?


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IF I HAD 10,000000

I would buy Carlo Corazzin a treadmill.

I would buy Fernando Aguiar a stress ball and a guidance counsellor.

I would buy Paul Stalteri a water bottle on a keychain so he cant throw it.

I would buy Tomasz Radzinski first class tickets.

I would buy Mark Watson some r.r.s.p's so he can finally retire

for good.

I would buy Lars Hirschfield some playing time.

I would buy Jason Bent a career agian.

I would buy Yallop a book on "how to pick a squad"(wcq 2004, picking Peters, Gervais, Pizzolitto, A-league guys, JOKE!!!)

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From an investors point of view: You'd have to hold a gun to my head to invest in Canadian Soccer, it's just not marketable.

If I was donating the money, that would be one thing.

If I was looking to get a return on my investment i'd probably invest in women's soccer, which seems to be the only marketable element for the time being.

If I was forced to invest in men's soccer, i'd partnership up to start an MLS franchise in Canada. Even then it would be a considerable risky venture since the league owns the rights to the players, rather than the teams. It would be a gold mine if the teams owned the players rights since we do have some attractive home grown talent that does not get the same kind of recognition elsewhere in the world.

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I know some aspects of Canadian soccer are marketable. For example, in Edmonton, there are 3 indoor soccer centres with four fields each. They are used 24/7, like it is extremely busy. Each center cost roughly $6 million. Below are the fees for field rentals for the public:

Prime Time $ 93.00 (including GST)

(start time 6:00 PM – 9:45 PM Weekdays, Saturday 7:00am - 5:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm - close and all holidays)

Non-Prime Time $ 73.00 (including GST)

(start time 3:00 PM – 5:45 PM and after 10:00 PM Weekdays, Saturday 5:15pm - close, Sunday 7:00am - 11:45am)

Daytime $ 63.00 (including GST)

(prior to 3:00 PM Weekdays excluding holidays)

All rental rates are for 55 minute time slots.

There are also meeting rooms for renting at $70 per day or $10/hour. Also, there's a daily spectator admission fee of $3 or a season pass of $20 dollars. The rentals fees for league play, tournaments, provincials, playdowns are much higher. In addition, the soccer centres are used in the summer for roller hockey and lacrosse which I'm assuming is pretty busy as well. I've talked to many of my peers and numerous have said that these centers make lots of profit which thankfully goes back into the soccer community. Each field is used for about 14 slots per day which is about $5000 revenue per weekday and. On weekends, about 18 slots are used which is about $6000 revenue for an estimate of $37 000 weekly revenue just off field rental. Plus all the revenue off field advertising, admissions, metting rooms rentals, lounge bar profits, office tennant rentals and cafeteria profits really makes it a truly marketable business. Just field rentals alone make roughly $2 000 000 per year which pays off any investment very quickly.

here's a link for the soccer centres: http://edsoccercentres.com/

I'd put $6 million down for this anyday.

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The prices you listed above are about the same here in China, with subpar turf fields indoor and outdoor making up the bulk of amateur playing surfaces. Of course for the average man these prices are expensive, should I play soccer today or eat like a king? Yet to book a field in Beijing during the season is often times impossible. I agree there's a lot of money to be made from running these sorts of facilities and they also promote amateur soccer so it's win/win.

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