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Brampton Stallions PFC - Newest Member of the CPSL


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A new team has finally arrived in Brampton!

The owner of this club is Mr. Joseph Fuliere. Some may know him as the previous co-owner of the now defunct Brampton Hitmen. He is now sole owner and is looking to make a difference in the Brampton community as well as in the CPSL.

Hector Marinaro is a well established name in the CPSL and continues his previous role as GM.

Ralph Tawfic is another well established name in the ontario soccer community. He is the Technical Director.

Sergio Velastegui is well known in the Latin community. He will be one of the main components of the coaching staff.

Issie Seminara is the team's Public Relations Representative.

Frankie Fuliere is the team manager.

Keep checking our website for the application of a ladies team in Brampton under the Brampton Stallions PFC. As well as all updates on future youth soccer camps and team schedules and appearances.

Our website: www.bramptonpfc.com!

Contact info: bramptonpfc@yahoo.com

:) Go Stallions Go! :)

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