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Landon Donovan in Canada Roots Gear


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Since someone posted a thread here about Drew Carey reprezentin' for the US Nats on Letterman...

Please. Don't anybody take this the wrong way. Not trying to put any salt in the wounds in any way--I just think that is interesting that Landon was rocking Canadian Roots wear (cap and sweat hoody) in the photos that accompany the Foxsports article about what it is like being a high profile Yank playing abroad.

I know that he chose to play for us but the guy it strikes me that the guy is very proud of his Canadian heritage.

It would be nice if Roots did kick some nice ca$h the CSA's way to help support Candian soccer. I know that a lot of us have said that before.


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quote:Originally posted by Cheeta

Oh I don't know. Maybe Mr. Donavon just thinks it's good politic to appear Canadian to the general public whilst in Germany. Isn't that a bit of a tradition with your lot down there?

I kid. I kid.

Well, I guess if that's the case there will be a huge Canadian fan base showing up next summer in Germany after all. [:P]

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