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The Reason Keegan was sacked: DeRosario!


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That's interesting. Bobby Mcmahon on Fox Sports World News suggested that it was because Keegan was interested in Stalteri (I guess for next season) but the Man C. Chairman denied him. The DeRosario thing makes more sense, however, because he was a free agent and could be signed now, even with the transfer window closed. One way or another, there is a Canadian angle here.

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How about I litter this thread with some trash from the tabloids (and some respectable papers...)

Note that the tabloids refer to De Rosario, and the more respectable papers refer to a striker for next season (to which the response was "well, you may not be here next season!")


KEVIN KEEGAN has quit as the Manchester City manager.

BY chris bailey

573 words

11 March 2005

Manchester Evening News


Keegan has appeared jaded over the past few weeks and the final straw seems to have come when he was refused permission to bring in an out of contract Canadian player towards the end of last week.





359 words

12 March 2005




© 2005 Mirror Group Ltd

KEVIN Keegan"s exit from Manchester City was sparked by a row over the signing an unknown Canadian player.

And City, £62million in debt, now admit they are powerless to prevent Shaun Wright-Phillips becoming the next big name to leave the club.

Keegan wanted to replace the injured Wright-Phillips with out-of-work Canadian international Dwayne De Rosario for the rest of the season.

But when he put his plan to chairman John Wardle it was turned down and Keegan was told he had to give the kids a chance instead. Keegan was left fuming and City insiders claimed he even threatened to walk out on the club a week ago before having second thoughts.

Disillusioned Keegan took charge of City for the last time in Monday night"s 1-0 defeat by Bolton when he picked young Willo Flood in the right-wing role he had earmarked for De Rosario.

But Flood flopped and was substituted by Keegan at half-time - a decision designed to show Wardle and the board the pressing need for new players.

Keegan spent a couple of days reviewing his future but by that stage Wardle had come to the conclusion that the time was right for a change of manager.

He told Keegan he felt it best if he left with immediate effect and the departing manager was not even given a chance to say goodbye to his players.

One City insider said: "The business with the signing of the Canadian brought things to a head. But it was just a matter of time before it all kicked off."

Keegan was also unhappy at the prospect of having to sell England international Wright-Phillips this summer.

He believed the decision showed a lack of ambition by City, despite it making financial sense.

Wardle yesterday all but confirmed that prize asset Wright-Phillips will be on his way this summer - probably to Arsenal - when he said: "We have to look at everything in the summer.

"I"m not looking to lose Shaun or anyone. But we have to consider everything."



City insider dealing suits Pearce;Keegan resignation;Football

Oliver Kay

701 words

12 March 2005

The Times



© 2005 Times Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved


The parting of the ways came suddenly during a routine meeting in which Keegan expressed his desire to enter negotiations to sign a Canadian player who would be out of contract at the end of the season. Wardle expressed misgivings and said for the first time that he could not guarantee that Keegan would be in charge next season. The manager immediately suggested that there was no point in him outstaying his welcome and a settlement was agreed, amicably and with remarkable speed.



Better dead than ordinary

Dion Fanning,

1,337 words

13 March 2005

The Sunday Independent (Ireland)


They were meant for each other, a match made in purgatory. It is a shame that the torment couldn't continue, but it ended in typical confusion with Keegan wanting to sign an unheralded Canadian striker for next season and the chairman hinting that they may want another manager next season.


People who just don"t belong


294 words

14 March 2005

Daily Post (North Wales)



© The Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Ltd, 2005.

NOW while everyone likes Kevin Keegan, who is a passionate man, there is a myth around that when the going gets tough, he gets going.

Apparently the reason he left Man City was they wouldn"t stump up the cash to get him some little-known Canadian to replace Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Along the lines of: "Can I have a Canadian?""


"Right, I"m off then."" Maybe he just doesn"t belong in the management chair. Perhaps it"s not really for him.

Well, Kev"s demise got us thinking about footballers and teams who simply don"t belong in places. You know, like Arsenal and the latter stages of the Champions League.

I mean, you"d never find Dennis Bergkamp sitting his pilot"s licence.

And you wouldn"t see Jose Mourinho in one of those "Build your own confidence workshopsSome might say that"s about as likely as finding a Manchester United fan in Manchester.

You wouldn"t see Alex Ferguson wobbling away from Arsene Wenger"s house after a few chablis and a good, matey chat, before Arsene wakes himself up the next morning and motors down to the opticians.

It just wouldn"t happen. It"s as likely as Lord Lucan and John Lennon rowing the Titanic to the moon.

It"s like Ruud van Nistelrooy 30 yards from goal, Jermain Pennant at a taxi rank, Mickey Quinn and Jan Molby at Weightwatchers (although they"d be more than welcome there), Ryan Giggs at a Wales friendly, West Brom in the Premiership, Harry Kewell in the first team, Roy Keane buying a prawn sandwich, Michael Owen on the pitch, Jonathan Woodgate in full training, phew...

They just don"t belong

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