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Manchester City debt ridden & random thoughts


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A team that draws 48,000 a game, has a strong season ticket base?

Do they use the same accountants as the Montreal Canadiens, who hab (haha) the highest attendance in the league and every game is televised (when they play) and merchandise is everywhere. I'm tempted to say they're only broke because they wanna be!

Sorry this was brought on by reports that Keegan quit over not being able to sign an unknown out of contract Canadian due to budget restraints and well Les Habs rule.[:P] Quit telling us your broke and just play.[xx(]

Hmmmm, if the NHL's so hard up as a business how did they convince rich guys to buy franchises in Nashville and Columbus?

The QMJHL just anounced it broke an attendance record at (rounded off) 1,760,000 with it's 16 teams and the season's not over. Who says there's no hockey.

Baseball in Canada is dead? Unless you ask the new owners of the Edmonton Cracker-Jacks & Calgary Vipers of the Northern League let alone the Winnipeg Goldeyes and how has Les Capitales de Quebec lasted this long?

Is there really a pro basketball team in Calgary playing in something called the "new" ABA?

Lastly why do we feel that if ain't top notch league that it ain't worth our support?

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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

Ahahhahahahahhaha, the Cracker-Jacks!

Oops! :P

Okay........they're really the Cracker-Cats but I want a prize at the bottom of the box [:o)]

Edit: beachesl, I told you you I'd take my cracks (oops) at Edmonton

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