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Testicular Cancer


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I posted this on another board last September

"Hello, most of you probably dont know me, I am an occasional user ! Just thought I would share my experience with you. About a month ago at the end of July I noticed my left testicle had swollen to twice the size it normally should be. I thought nothing of it and said to myself "probably an infection,give it time and the swelling will go down".Unfortunatley I left it for ten days, went to Carlow on the razz for a weekend and came back the Bank Holiday Monday and went to bed as I was hungover from partying, woke up Tuesday morning and my testicle was sore and killing me. I decided I had to do something about it, I spoke to my parents and I made the decision to go to the doctor, he was closed (my own GP was on a half day) so I took a decision and went to the A and E in Mullingar general hospital. The doctor took one look and said infection. I was relieved but he was'nt happy and got a second opinion, the second doctor wanted an ultra sound done. They did atheultra sound and low and behold what did they find? A Tumor. Luckily it was contained within the left testicle. SO I was kept in over night, done CT Scans,urine and blood tests, X Rays. I was sent home for a couple of days and transferred to Tallaght on the Sunday after the Bank Holiday. They confirmed it was a tumor and the following Monday after being prodded and poked by several different doctors they done an operation and took it out. I have to go for an appointment with the Urologist to find out if its cancerous or benine, they will have all the blood test results but whatever it is its easily treated!Three weeks on I am healthy, I had a slight infection, was in a lot of pain but now I am going out to celebrate my 22nd birthday tonight.

I am not attention seeking or seeking pity merley pointing to all men, please examine your testicles every now and again, people are embarassed to talk about this. The only reason I ever examined myself was my mother always preached about good health and is open minded. I had one testicle removed but trust me my sex life is in no way affected, I am still a normal healthy young man. If you notice any irregularities go to the doctor.

Thanks "

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Good point though. The only time I've been to the doctors in the last 20 years is to get those late night stiches. Come to think of it, most everybody I know (male) hasn't been to the doctors outside of personal injurys of some sort. Think the last time I had any type of physical was when I needed one to go into boxing.

Yeah, I know. Not very bright.

Don't like doctors and I don't like hospitals. Allthough I'll have to admit the last doctor I saw closed up my eyebrow perfectly (very little scar) and looked damn fine doing it. She could check My Boys any day.

Cheeta says rowwwllll.

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