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Saskatchewan Soccer Summit


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As some of you may recall, Bjorn Osiek, the Director fo the Saskatchewan Soccer Associated, floated a proposal in the fall of 2004 for a canadian soccer summit to discuss all things soccer in Canada. That was a a Bandwagon that did not start rolling. However, Mr. Osieck has organized a Saskatchewan Soccer Summit that will take place on March 13th. I will be attending as a participant and a scribe for the voyageurs.

At this point things look a little informal, and as far as I can tell, only one day has been set aside. Nevertheless, I think it a step in the right direction and I commend Mr. Osieck for pushing forward provincially when the national option did not materialize.

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I am from Saskatoon and on the Saskatoon & District Soccer Association Board of Directors. The event was run very smoothly! There was a group of about 70 people split into 4 groups to discuss each one topic. I was in the 'Coaches' group, the other groups included 'Female participation', 'Introduce and expand to non players' and 'Marketing Soccer'. There was a mediator who controlled things and kept things on time and not long winded. It was well organized. Andy Sharpe, Sean Fleming, Pres Rob Newman were all in attendance. It was a success. I hope the ideas that came about will be used by the SSA. The entire 'Centennial' Weekend for the SSA was a success!

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Was going to write earlier but got distracted by the usual nonscence that catchs my flighty fancy and precious little time.

Oh look! A shiny object. Hmmmmm.

Nice passive-aggressive shot in pointing out how all politics are local and usualy fall down to the lowest common denominator, and community level soccer is no different. How greater leadership is required in encouraging that "next level" of football to develop. And that an interest in "next level" may actually exist if one just has the eyes and ears to see it through everything else which populates the soccer politic.


Maybe I'm reading too much into that. But I don't think so...

Wee Elf says "Hey".

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Then Ed gets a big silver star for the cover of his scribbler.

Looks very well thought out, laid out, and I'd imagine executed all in all. Young Mr. Osieck is going to have his hands full and his work ahead of him, that much is sure.

An interesting read. Highly recommended. Gets the gears going.

Coachs and referees. Especially liked that part as it addresses the human infastructure of the game. Which I think is far and away the most important part no matter how mature the sport is or is not in Canada.

Had a program a few years back here in Winnipeg where every senior team in the MMSL was asked to send two "voluteers" to a ref'ing seminar and recruitment function. That's how bad things were getting on the ref'ing front. Too few refs who were getting too old. Think the program had some success. Don't know. But it was a pretty unique idea.

Only got a couple minutes and I go on too much as it is but yeah, I know she still loves me because she'll still hold my hair while I'm puking.

But she don't mind. I allways more than make up for it later. If you know what I mean...

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The Summit report has good, common sense ideas, which deserved to be written down and used as reminders and also to guide the SSA.

Its encouraging that SSA, which is small compared to OSA, BCSA and Quebec, has done this.

SSA may also be small enough that it may actually carry out the ideas. Even the simple idea of the SSA thanking volunteer coaches would help. In BC, the BCSA would tell the Districts and Clubs that they should do it themselves, all the while taking more money from youth clubs. The BCSA with an annual budget of $5Million doesn't thank volunteer coaches, it doesn't even thank volunteer youth club presidents.

Bjorn Osieck, just like his dad, wants to improve soccer in Canada, and he seems not to be afraid of new ideas.

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quote:Originally posted by Gordon

Additional Info courtesy of Ed.


Hey back to the "wee elf". I trust she is still taking good care of you Cheeta when you've overindulged.

Great job Gordon. Thanks for the link, I read it once, but I need to go over it more throughly when I have the time. Nice to see Moose Jaw was well represented at the Summit as well.

Any thoughts on coming down for the Canada Games?



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