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Dunfermline lose vote on plastic pitch


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Ahhhh I haven't had a good rant in a racoons age (polical correctness intervenes and poking fun at Toronto has lost it's ahhh well fun)

I'd love to know the difference in monies between SPL and SFL 'cuz man if it ain't that great, if I was the Pars I'd say screw you!

We put in a field as a FIFA experiment, that we admit didn't work and now while we're in the process of laying an upgraded version you guys decide we have to apply by March 31st to find out if that is acceptable. Without vaseline guys.

The SPL constantly make rules as they go. (aka the CFL) The money must be good for 10 teams to put up with this crap as they know they'll never be in the top 2 of this league(?).

I say screw the SPL, Dunfermline and Patrick Thistle, who spent gawd knows how much to upgrade their stadium just to have the standards of stadiums lowered a couple years later.

We're gonna be in the SFL and refuse promotion to the Auld Firm League.

EDIT: After all doesn't the SPL ony exist so Rangers and Celtic can fill out a fixture list and the rest of the league is probably no better than the EIRCOM League in Republic of Ireland.

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