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U 20 World cup draw thread:

Free kick

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Click on the link from here, the draw tracker is now up:


Here are the pots:

Pot 1</u>







Pot 2</u>

Korea Rep.

China PR



Pot 3</u>





Pot 4</u>







Pot 5</u>





Explanation of the draw:


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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

So much for sitting in front of a computer screen & waiting for the flags to move across! Thanks FIFA....

As for the draw, I'm happy with it, though I know nothing of Syria's team.

Maybe the CSA was responsible for the ticker today.:D

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Never fails, the host country always seems to get an easy draw. Can't wait to see what we will get in 2007.

Our draw seems OK, could be worse (USA) or better (Panama). From Fifa previews, we know Colombia is very strong as South American Champions. Italy supposedly has a great striker, but it was Spain over Turkey in the final (correcting an earlier post of mine on a different thread). Syria was not one of the strongest Asian teams - Fifa stressed Korea and Japan - but stated Syria has an excellent midfielder.

But regardless, we are in the final 24, nothing will be easy at this stage.

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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Seriously though, tough group, but all hope is not lost.

Everyone will be good. But aside from Colombia who recahed the semis at both the last U20 and U17, the others do not have much of a history at this this event. With Italy, it will depend how seriously they take the event and what players will be made available. I don't think the group is bad at all for Canada. Remember, we only needed 3 points lst time to advance.

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Looks like we will play Syria, Colombia and Italy in that order. Hopefully, the Iraq lesson we learned in 2001 about taking teams lightly won't be lost on this entry. The Colombia game, which supposedly is the toughest, should prepare us well for 3rd game against Italy.

That Iraq team that beat us so badly in 2001 just reached the semi-final of the Olympic Tournament so 25 or not, it was no fluke.

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I agree with Winnipeg Fury. This group is no harder then our qualifying group. You can't expect an easy group when you're in the actual tournament itself. I thought last time around we had a much tougher group with, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Australia. Italy isn't a European powerhouse in youth football, neither is Syria in Asia. Colombia might be our toughest opponent... but I can't seem them being anymore difficult then Mexico, whom we beat in qualifying. I can see our boys getting 1st or 2nd in this group, hell.. if things go bad.. I could see us getting a wildcard again; I definitely think we have a great chance of making it to the next round, and maybe even making it past the quaters-finals... all we have to do is believe.

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quote:Originally posted by Winnipeg Fury

Canada will need to take all 3 pts in the opening match vs Syria if we want to advance.

The pressure will be on Canada in the first match.

Agreed. If we can win this one, we will most likely just need a tie in one of the last two to advance for sure, but if we can score some goals and keep them out of our net, that one win may be enough. Of course Syria is probably saying the same thing right now.

Regarding Timotas point, I think Colombia will be better than Mexico. They made the final of the U17s in 2003, while Mexico lost in the quarters. Regardless, we beat Mexico as I believe Colombia would so, sorry for stating the obvious, but a win or tie is not out of the question.

Re: Italy. Unlike 2003, this tournament will be out of season so all of their best players will be available to them. It would be interesting to see their roster and compare the level their players are to where Uccello, Lombardo and Schiavoni play(ed).

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