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Seattle Travel Plans


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OK, just becasue I am excited I thought I'd start this off.


THURSDAY, 7 JULY Qwest Field - Seattle, Washington

Match 3 Group B - Canada vs Costa Rica - 5:30 pm

Match 4 Group B - Cuba vs USA - 7:30 pm

SATURDAY, 9 JULY Qwest Field - Seattle, Washington

Match 7 Group B - Costa Rica vs Cuba - 11:30 am

Match 8 Group B - USA vs Canada - 1:30 pm

This means that a group/bus/convoy could follow this general schedule:

Thursday, July 7

AM: leave Vancouver

PM: pre-match pub gathering

Eve: attend the games

Friday, July 8

AM: Sleep off hangover from celebrating Can 3 - 1 CR

PM: Rampage/sightseeing through downtown Seattle

Eve: Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers

Satruday, July 9

AM: Post bail after above, pre-game brunch

PM: attend games

Eve: return to Vancouver

So anybody know how to get a good deal on a bus and driver from Vancouver?

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Oh boy Ted! Great itinerary. As a result, I'm planning to fly to Vancouver,

meet up with my brother from Montreal there, and join you lads in Seattle. Just have to sell the idea at this time of course. :-)

At least for the Canada-USA game on Saturday.

Hey beav, hope you can make it too and settle up with the boys. ;)

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Seattle's a couple of hours from Vancouver no?

I've got a gentlemans agreement with the powers that be when it comes to time off this year as I gave up 2004 (bad move in hind sight) so we'll have to see. Might pull this one off. Booked that week today and now it's up to the Wee Elf. Bit trickier for her at work though but this is plenty of notice.

(Sorry, but she was rooting for a trip east. Going to have to wait and see if any friendlys come up in the next month or two. We sort of have our own deal going with that..)

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Some Seattle Info from you out of Towners:

Seattle is about a 2.5 hour drive depending on border wait times etc. Other than driving your travel options from Vancouver include Greyhound Bus, as well as an Amtrack Train. Both of these are about $50 return and leave from the Main St. Station Downtown Vancouver.

The stadium is located on the Southern edge of Downtown Seattle. Hotels in Downtown are quite pricey compared to other hotel markets. Cheaper accomodation can be located South of Downtown, but not recommended to book near Sea-Tac Airport which is about 20 miles south of Downtown.

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