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FM 2005 5.0.3 patch


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Hi fellow nerds,

I wanted to start a thread if anyone cares to discuss the new patch/squad update or anything else FM. However, I can't seem to get on to the SI site. Does anybody know somewhere else I can grab it?

Some questions from a Canadian perspective:

How much work still has to be done with the editor? Do Jaime Peters and Marcel de Jong magically appear? Are the Storm still in the A-League? Are all the Italian-Canadians magically given back their Canadian citizenship? Is Grande still amongst the worst players in the game? Can I call Dylan Hughes & Dani Fernandes right away?

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quote:Originally posted by TorontoInferno

You can change all that though, its a little time consuming, but worth it.

I've played a few games which were heavily edited and once I start I can't really stop making changes. For this version, I didn't create anybody and just fixed the nationalties and changed the national stadium from Commonwealth to CR & Swangard. (I was finding it a little unrealistic when 60,000+ would show up for Haiti.)

I've noticed Grande's ratings are much improved, but Serioux has completely disappeared!

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