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Voyageurs Scarf Vote - Part 1


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(clearly vote for Options #'s 1 , 2 , 3 or 4 at top of post)

CANADA side:


Option #1



Option #2

Design as follows, except replace "VOYAGEURS" with "CANADA", and remove the two Voyageurs logos:



Option #3

Design as follows, except replace each "VOYAGEURS" with "CANADA", and replace each "CANADA" with something else:



Option #4



Post-ballot notes: Vote clearly at the beginning of your post, one vote per member, for one of the four options above. You may later make commments in your post, but you are only voting for one of the four options, and the designers may take your extra points in consideration when fine-tuning.

I will lock the thread and conduct the vote at midnight on the end of the day on Wednesday, March 2, after which I will announce the results of the vote at the end of the post.

Just to be clear, we are only voting on the big-lettered "Canada" side of the scarf (the scasrf having two distinctive designs on each side), as we already have reached a clear consensus on the big-lettered "Voyageurs" side as follows

Andrew:"I move approval of 18a with the amendment of removing the "Maple Leaf Forever" and "2000 Gold Cup Champions" small print and replacing it with the same "Allez Les Rouges" and "Canadian Soccer Supporters" as on the first side." ...along with removal of the years. However, the wording on 18a, the "Voyageurs" side, already has that.

Then, the vote having been taken and counted on Thursday, we can leave the two designers and Polish Lynx Fan to work out the final details of design, production, financing, payment and distribution.

Let the voting commence...</s>

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