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Whats wrong with Canada

Angel FC

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Let me start by saying that Canada is a beautiful country and the people there are great. But soccer is not the only problem. Before I start about soccer, lets look at the bigger picture. First, you have no hockey, thanks to rich americans. You lost the Expos and the Grizzlies. The Blue Jays stink and so do the Raptors. You guys dont even support these teams. Canadian football is a joke.

Now, as for soccer, look where it starts. As children, most canadians play soccer (well at least more than hockey). Once these children get to the age of 12 or 13, thats it. They play baseball, hockey and curling. Soccer is a poor mans game. Canadians are not poor. Look at Brazil and Argentina, two powerhouses. These two countries are so poor that soccer is the only thing to look forward to. Yet, they have more kidnapping than anywhere else (except colombia). Violence is so bad there. They steal shoes so they can play football. Canada, on the other hand, stinks at soccer. It starts with the development at a younger age. You dont invest in this at all and you wonder why a country like Greenland could beat you. Your coach is horrible, the Association is worse than the OJ simpson trial. YOU NEED TO INVEST you rich people. Stop whining and do something about it. Fire those up top or at least get them toppled. Start from the grass roots and build a program that isnt laughed at. Look at the americans. They are ranked 11th. You dont have a league, your players dont want to play. Now this isnt totally true because the clubs that your players play for wont release them. So, in view of your situation, you need a complete overhual. Maybe you should start a soccer league on ice, then maybe you would have a chance to at least score one goal. So, come on Canada, bring your A game here and try to score a goal. 3-0 will be the score for Portugal and you´ll all be here whining and whining again about how you got screwed or maybe next time you´ll win. Ya, whatever. Also I noticed that the same 10 people leave messages on these boards. Woohoo, great support. And you make fun of that Beast guy. He is right, well sort of. Theres alot of room for improvement, but until that happens, keep spending those loonies on Moosehead :D

good luck Canada [:P]

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come on guys, clearly us here in this forum have the money and power to do everything this person says. and if not, don't you think we can influence rich people into thinking that putting their money towards soccer and not hockey in this country is a worth while investment? maybe this trend of kidnapping will produce some results in our favor. first person we can bag is Angel FC..... [:P]

thank goodness for the edit option [:I]

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Nice try AngelFC

Even though your address indicates as being Porto,I'm sure

you actually live in downtown Toronto.

Your rant is old hat,most so called soccer fans in Canada have

always followed the game along nationalistic,ethnic and ritualistic


This is the reason why the game has never succeded at the pro level

As you know without a pro league you're not going to do much at

the international level.

However,I am happy to say that this situation will be solved soon.

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