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Chance to Watch Andrea Lombardo play

Massive Attack

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Raisport will be showing the Albinoleffe-Atalanta Primavera (youth) match at 4:55 am EST on Sunday. Just click on this link to watch:


Hopefully Andrea Lombardo will see some action.

The matches are usually re-run, but RAI has not listed their Monday schedule yet.


EDIT: This match is being shown again on the internet on Monday at 12:10 am EST (or 9:10 pm PST on Sunday) and again at 9:30 am EST (6:30 am PST). Still not sure if Andrea played. Just click on the first link above to watch the match.

EDIT (again): Either I can't translate time zones for ****, or Rai's schedule is wrong, but this match is on right now. Still not sure if Andrea Lombardo is playing.

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