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Soccer TV Canada Alternative?


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This is the web-site I have been utilizing the past while to confirm dates and times of upcoming televised fixtures.

The last couple of times I have attempted to use it I have received a prompt that the site has exceeded its permissible "hits" for the day and is temporarily shut down.

Has it moved? If so, where?

Alternately, can someone suggest a comprehensive alternative as opposed to going to TSN's site, then Sportsnet, etc.?

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Weird, I've never had that "maximum hits" problem. Do you go to:

http://www.soccertv.com/canada.cfm ?

However, I do notice that it is missing today's EPL relegation battle on FSWC.

(Ah, I just went to check out another Canada soccer listings site (which used to be at http://canadatvsoccer.tripod.com/Fixtures.htm) which now brings you to a new site, which then reached the maximum number of hits. So this must be the one you were referring to.

So use soccertv.com. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good.

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