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Jaime Peters Interview from SkySports

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Guest Can. in UK


Ipswich Town youngster Jaime Peters has revealed that it was a tough decision to sign for the Championship club.

The 17-year-old Canadian international pledged his professional future to the East Anglian outfit last month after several trials with English clubs in the autumn.

The former Kaiserslautern trainee spent time training with the likes of Premiership giants Chelsea and Manchester United, as well as Championship rivals Derby County.

He also attracted the interest of Millwall during the club's pre-season trip to Vancouver last summer.

However, in an exclusive interview with skysports.com, the talented winger stated that his decision to join Joe Royle's side was best for his fledging career.

"It was very difficult, to be honest. You want to know what's best for your future," Peters told skysports.com.

"There's Chelsea and Man U - the biggest clubs in the world - so should I go there, or should I go to a lower division and work my way up?

"It's difficult to pick which one.

"People will think highly of you if you go to Chelsea or Man U because just saying you played for those clubs...

"They're better than most other clubs.

"Then again, if you go to a lower club, and you do well there, then [the likes of] Chelsea and Man U will want you after that.

"It's difficult to see what you really want and what's best for you."

Peters's move to Town was helped by the fact that fellow compatriot Jason de Vos is currently at Portman Road.

"It's great to have another Canadian there because it helps you if you need something, then he'll know," Peters added.

"He'll help you out because he's a Canadian. On the other hand, I can live on my own - some people can't.

"Having him [de Vos] there is just a bit of a benefit for me really."

Unfortunately for the teenage midfielder, Peters is unable to play for his club until he turns 18, which is on May 4.

By that stage, the youngster may have to wait until the following season when Ipswich are battling to be back in The Premiership.

"From now until May I hope I improve that much that, if they do make it to The Premiership, they would want to play me in the first game," he said.

"By then, I would have had a pre-season and everything."

Jaime Peters was selected in skysports.com's 'Young Guns' feature.

You can read more of this interview in our exclusive E-Zine, which will be coming to the site soon.

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