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How has the window affected your team?


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We all follow different teams and leagues. I was wondering what the feelings are on what has transpired.

Anelka from Man City to Fenerbahçe seems like it might have a negative impact on the Citizens.Although the over 14 million Canadian $ may help offset management tears. Ferguson signs a five year deal with Blackburn and then whines his way back to Gers. Henri Camara should be made to watch Wolves from the bench(oops personal feelings) but had his loan transfered from Celtic to Southampton, although still owned by Wolves.Craig Bellamy .......Craig Bellamy , Souness says he can't play ever for me again, so is loaned to Celtic.

Altough a free agent signing, out of favour Siena Keeper Rossi signs on with my and yes I mean my Queens Park Rangers. Rs forever :D

Also I've heard nothing more on apparantlly "highly rated" Canadian (but has one Northern Ireland cap against T & T in June '04) keeper Alan Mannus' move to Everton from Linfield except he was on trial and an offer was imminent but it looks like that didn't happen.

All in all I thought a pretty quiet transfer window

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Yeah, not exactly a stampede of transfers this year but Celtic had a couple of shockers and come away the stronger.

Don't know what O'Neil took to the board at Celtic Park but it must have had some teeth. Got my man Bobo Balde (who's having a grand year I may add) signed to a new contract despite some lucrative financial terms from down south, even after taking on Henchoz from Liverpool as cover. That was the player to watch out for Glasgow way (in Hoops) and a rather happy result all around.

And he got Bellamy, hissy fits and all, signed on for the rest of the season. Couple of Welshmen up front, eh? Think they're going to be a fine pairing. And Hartson'll keep his countryman in check with the fear of physical violence if it should come down to it. Don't dought it for a second.

Magnus Hedman refused a loan to Anderlecht and is on the way out having once again been more or less shown the door. No surprise. O'Neil may not be a great lover of Scottish footballers but he needs a token Scot, in net in this case. Douglas as it stands now.

On the subject of O'Neil and a bias for non-Scots Hearts' Paul Hartley couldn't be got on the cheap and remains in Edinburgh. I'll let Martin off on this one a little as Hartley may have only gotten limited time in Glasgow given Petrov's presence.

So Celtic take on two heavy salaries for English clubs and add one of their own while not spending a nickle on transfer fees. If that isn't the Celtic way then what is? Have to say given that they're long ago out of Europe this shows a keen ambition for the domestic titles and that's worth a bit of praise.

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Nothin doin with my squad. Palace holds firm with what they have, and resist the temptation of selling the pride of their youth academy, Wayne Routledge, to Spurs for 2 million pounds. They'll probably lose him at the end of the season, however. But since he's young enough, apparently Palace will still be entitled to some transfer money, as decided by an arbitrator.

Each of the teams below Palace in the relegation battle make at least one move, but nothing too major.

A heart attack of a game today. Palace away to last place WBA. WBA start off flying, and a Palace defender is sent off in the 12th minute. We hold out for the first half, and pounce on a laughable WBA defensive error to go one up early in the second. However, WBA tie it up around the 80th minute.

Then they apparently steal the points away from us by scoring another in injury time. Only for us to knock one in in the 94th minute, by our favourite Finn, Aki Riihilahti. :)

Today summed up just about everything I love and hate about following this team. :D:(

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i didn't see mention of ferguson back to rangers being confirmed. i thought it was just a rumour. guess i gotta go look it up.

mufc sell seldom used djemba-djemba to mid-table aston villa. a good move for D2. with fletcher cementing his place ahead of both him and kleberson, it's not surprise he is gone. he was one of my favourite players (in the squad) however, and i am upset to see him go. no new signings - and none were needed - but did loan out kieran richardson (what if giggs get's hurt!? rely on fortune as cover...uh oh) and chris eagles (despite the hype will be another failed youth player for mufc and be just another useful player for a championship or league 1 squad i'm sure).

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