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Gold Cup Venues An'd; Groups to be An'd March 2


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26.1.05 - – CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) today unveiled the stadiums that will host matches in the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup™, the eighth edition of the tournament that crowns the region’s top national team. The 2005 event will feature more games in more cities than ever before, as a record seven stadiums in six US cities will host 25 matches from 6-24 July. Previous editions of the CONCACAF Gold Cup have been held in up to three different venues.

The 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup™ venues include four stadiums new to the event; Qwest Field in Seattle (Washington); the Home Depot Center near Los Angeles in Carson (California); Reliant Stadium in Houston (Texas); and Giants Stadium close to New York City in East Rutherford (New Jersey). The other three venues are the Orange Bowl in Miami (Florida); Gillette Stadium close to Boston in Foxboro (Massachusetts), both of which were Gold Cup venues in 2003, and; the L.A. Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles (California) which last saw Gold Cup action in 2000.

The first round of the 2005 tournament will consist of three groups of four teams competing on a round-robin basis from 6-13 July. Group A will be based at the Orange Bowl in Miami while Group B will have two game days in Seattle’s Qwest Field before traveling to Gillette Stadium for the third and final day of Group B play. Group C will start out in Los Angeles with matches at the Home Depot Center and the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, before playing the final Group C games in Houston’s Reliant Stadium.

The top two teams from each group, along with the two best third-place teams, will proceed to the Quarterfinals that will take place in Gillette Stadium on July 16 and Reliant Stadium on 17 July. Giants Stadium will host the Semifinals on 21 July and Gold Cup Final on 24 July.

Commenting on the announcement of venues, CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer said, “The popularity of the CONCACAF Gold Cup has grown year over year and the 2005 edition promises to be the biggest and best Gold Cup yet. There will be more games in more stadiums in more cities than ever before, bringing the region’s leading soccer event for national teams to millions more fans. All the venues being announced today are first-class facilities fitting for an event that crowns the CONCACAF Champion.” Mr. Blazer added, “Fans of every country in the CONCACAF region will witness an incredible spectacle of world-class soccer with 12 doubleheaders on 12 match-days with the crowning of the Gold Cup champion coming in one of the greatest venues in the world, Giants Stadium.”

The 12-team field of the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup™ will be comprised of 10 CONCACAF nations and two invitees. The 10 CONCACAF countries will include three teams to emerge from Caribbean Qualifying (Digicel Cup), four from Central American Qualifying (UNCAF Nations Cup), three automatic qualifiers from the North Zone (Canada, Mexico & USA) along with guest team South Africa, host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, and another invitee to be announced.

The three teams to advance from Caribbean Qualifying will clinch their Gold Cup berths through the CFU (Caribbean Football Union) Digicel Cup Final Round that will take place in Waterford, St. Michaels in Barbados from 20-24 February. Cuba, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago will join host Barbados in the matches that will be held at the National Stadium. The 2005 UNCAF (Union Centroamericana de Fútbol) Nations Cup, which will qualify four Central American nations to the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup™, is scheduled to run from 19-27 February in Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala. The UNCAF Nations Cup will consist of two groups for the first round of play: Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and host Guatemala in Group A, while Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama make up Group B.

Once Gold Cup Qualification concludes in the Caribbean and Central America, CONCACAF will announce the groupings of teams for the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup™.

Download Match Schedule




Match 1 Orange Bowl – Miami, Florida

Match 2 Orange Bowl – Miami, Florida


Match 9 Orange Bowl – Miami, Florida

Match 10 Orange Bowl – Miami, Florida


Match 13 Orange Bowl – Miami, Florida

Match 14 Orange Bowl – Miami, Florida



Match 3 Qwest Field – Seattle, Washington

Match 4 Qwest Field – Seattle, Washington


Match 7 Qwest Field – Seattle, Washington

Match 8 Qwest Field – Seattle, Washington


Match 15 Gillette Stadium – Foxboro, Massachusetts

Match 16 Gillette Stadium – Foxboro, Massachusetts



Match 5 Home Depot Center – Carson, California

Match 6 Home Depot Center – Carson, California


Match 11 L.A. Memorial Coliseum – Los Angeles, California

Match 12 L.A. Memorial Coliseum – Los Angeles, California


Match 17 Reliant Stadium – Houston, Texas

Match 18 Reliant Stadium – Houston, Texas



Quarterfinal 1 Gillette Stadium – Foxboro, Massachusetts

Quarterfinal 2 Gillette Stadium – Foxboro, Massachusetts


Quarterfinal 3 Reliant Stadium – Houston, Texas

Quarterfinal 4 Reliant Stadium – Houston, Texas



Semifinal 1 Giants Stadium – East Rutherford, New Jersey

Semifinal 2 Giants Stadium – East Rutherford, New Jersey



Final Giants Stadium – East Rutherford, New Jersey




1991 USA Honduras Los Angeles, Pasadena (USA)

1993 Mexico USA Dallas (USA); Ciudad de México (México)

1996 Mexico Brazil Anaheim, San Diego, Los Angeles (USA)

1998 Mexico USA Oakland, Miami, Los Angeles (USA)

2000 Canada Colombia San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles (USA)

2002 USA Costa Rica Pasadena, Miami (USA)

2003 Mexico Brazil Foxboro, Miami (USA); Ciudad de México (México)

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So, doubleheaders for all except the Final match at Giants Stadium.

If the report that Foxboro is to get the US group is true (there were also rumours also that Seattle was to get the US), hopefully they break precedent and put Canada into Group B so that they can play in Foxboro and Seattle too, close for Canada supporters. With Mexico probably given the LA and Texas -venued Group C, if we don't get into Group B we would be stuck in Miami in July for the Group matches!

Watch for a team like Colombia or Venezuela to be the headliner in Miami, where they would get massive crowds. Also, there will be some provision for the US to have their QF in Foxboro no matter what, with a similiar guarantee for Mexico to be in Houston for the QF.

No Columbus for you Southern Ontario set I'm afraid.

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quote:Originally posted by SeanKeay

God damn that sched is so confusing.... so many places!!

And if be chance, canada gets into group b and make it to the next round.. does that make Foxboro for 2 games? Because a nice trip to Boston and then to New York could be VERY sexy :)

No, if Canada makes it into group B, there will be only one Group match in Foxboro (a double header), and the first two matches are in seattle. Two in Foxboro if they have a QF there, and then possibly two in Giants if they advance to the final. Could be a good road trip from TO if you have the cajones, but then, you are SUPERFAN[8D].

Note that they haven't announced how the Group qualifiers advance yet (in terms of venue). I expect that if Canada is in group C, they would have any QF in Foxboro unless they (or the US[}:)]) qualified through the third place rule.

I expect the QF spots would be something like:

QF1 (Foxboro) B1 v. C3(unlessMexico)/thenA3

QF2 (Foxboro) B2 (or B3 if US) v. A2

QF3 (Houston) C1 v. B3/thenA3 (or B2 if B3 US)

QF4 (Houston) C2 (or C3 if Mexico) v. A1

Then, for the semis, winners of QF1v.QF4 and QF2v.QF3.

No elaborate costumes for Miami tho!

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My bet (and hope) is that they break precedent because of the groups of 4, and put the US and Canada in the same Group B. I also expect they wil lwant South Africa in the same Group as the US for publicity and the experience for the US team.

Wild Predictions for Groups (there will be no "draw"):

Group A (Miami)

Colombia/Venezuela (not Brazil, as they'll have just finished Confederations Cup and still WCQ)

Costa Rica



Group B (Seattle and Foxboro)



South Africa

Guatemala (less expats from these country in US, as opposed to others)

Group C (LA, Carson and Houston)


Cuba (keep them away from trouble in Miami)



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quote:Originally posted by Kurosawa

Do they really choose how they set up their group???

Why don't they draw the whole thing???

As far as I know, they have never drawn for the Gold Cup. It has always been about maximum marketing. They call it a "draw", but they sit down in an office in New York and work it all out.

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Why is it that they are putting games in Seattle, when 4 teams have to fly all the way across the country to play in Foxboro? Doesn't that seem a little strange, they have 4 matches in Seattle and 4 (incl. 2 quarters) in Foxboro, why didnt they just pick one or the other to limit travel and expenses?

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But to contradict myself I guess I could understand that they want to increase the tournaments interest. With Seattle involved they will have matches in all four corners of the United States. Hopefully once the CSA gets the 6 cities announced (on May 4th) for 2007, they can follow that up with a future Gold Cup. With the 2007 U 20 tourney, a gold cup would be a good idea because fan interest would be there.

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Why are we under the assumption that we're part of the "Big 3" that need to be kept seperate from the U.S. or Mexico?

The "headliners" would likely by U.S, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Which means we should be able to be placed in any of the 3 groups, which also means that we should be able to get in to group B.

Now... I hate being negative, but I'm not sure how much of a consideration putting our team close to Canada will be, we have a hard enough time getting people out to watch our side on a regular basis, I'm certain the numbers would be far, far less in the event it were held in the U.S.

On that note, I look forward to advancing past the group stage via coin toss, and winning the whole damn tournament.

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I hate to play Devil's Advocate here guys, but it looks to me like we're going to see Canada in Group A, rather than B or C.

I figure Canada, US, and Mexico will purposefully be in the 3 seperate groups. Meaning Mexico will most likely be in group C as their supporters are in this region. The US will most likely be in Group B, also hotbeds of US Support. And Canada, will get drawn into the last group A, with a bunch of Carribean and Central American teams, of which Miami has a large population. It's all about money, and the fact that there is no draw makes the tournament a joke.

That being said I am rooting for B, and will definitely be there if that is the case. But the way I see it, it looks like we'll be in group A, and play out of Miami again.

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Agreed with Sean & Free Kick, this is going to be tricky, even though there are a couple of venues within possible driving distance for me. I have an additional complication in that the closing for my new house is going to be smack in the middle of all this & I'll be needing to spend some of this time moving furniture into it!

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quote:Originally posted by Natesta

Still trying to figure out why everyone thinks Canada should be kept away from the U.S. and Mexico (especially in the eyes of the organizers)?

Well, it's not a question of should, it's a question of precedent (see http://www.rsssf.com/tablesg/goldcupall.html to confirm pattern in the past) in the Gold Cup (as per the World Cup) that the teams from different regions are to be spread out throughout the groups as evenly as possible. CONCACAF has officially 3 regions (North America including Mexico, the Carribean, and Central America), and the regions except for North America have their own Championships and eliminations for Gold Cup spots.

Having said that, CONCACAF will always go beyond precedent (and should here) where organizaton and marketing dictates. Sticking Canada in Miami in July is stupid, not just bad business (and hopefully they don't have Cuba in Miami either, that would be a red flag like having a beauty pageant in the Arabian Gulf).

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quote: Still trying to figure out why everyone thinks Canada should be kept away from the U.S. and Mexico (especially in the eyes of the organizers)?

Well I agree with you, it does not make sense. But like beaches pointed out, the organizers for the tournament have decided for marketing/sales purposes to divide the group into 3 zones. Since Mexico and US is the big draw for the final they are automatically grouped into seperate groups. Now the reason Canada is getting a bye into the tournament is that the organizers play up these little regional qualifiying tournaments. Canada-Jamaica is just not a rivalry compared to Jamaica-Trinidad. Rather than have Canada qualify through the Caribbean or Central American qualifiying, the organizers have elected to give Canada a bye, and seed us with the US and Mexico therefore:

1) Ensuring a possible, Mexico-US Final

2) Keeping qualifying rounds simple and marketable

3) And also ensuring North American presence in all 3 groups. (Afterall, every gold cup tournament to date has been played in the North America region)

I don't think Canada having a bye and being a "Top Seed" is an indication of our quality of play, but more of an indication of logistics.

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I still think that Canada will be placed in Group B (Seattle and Foxboro), mainly because Canada will not be much of a draw in Miami and because having one Central American team in Group B as well will succeed in drawing those extra crowds along with the US team anyway. Let's face it, the only marketing advantage of having Canada on the bill is only a very minor curiousity for a few sideline anglo-Americans, as the small number of Canucks going would not be worth considering in practical terms for them... so just stick 'em in with the Yanks.

A always I am being naive, but I think that putting Canada in Miami in July is just too absurd for even CONCACOUGH.

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quote:Originally posted by Jeremy Loome

Here's a question, while we're on the topic: If the Gold Cup is truly to be recognized as the regional championship, why is it always staged in the U.S.?

You know whats really funny? I was just looking at the Oceania website, and they play their regional cup all over their confederation, which is places like Tahiti, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands. I dont have an answer for you but its interesting to notice that they are worse off in terms of population and parity, where games often end 10-0. Plus they only have 12 nations, where CONCACAF has about 35.

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