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USL Sudbury Canadians: Best Wishes


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The USL Sudbury Canadians would like to wish everyone the very best during the holiday season. Despite all the politics, leagues, jurisdictional issues, different perspectives, disagreements, agreements, and posturing – we do have at least one common tie and that is the game that we all love.

Some of us think that they need to protect what they have, others want more, some are in it for the money – (albeit that may be more fantasy than reality in Canada) some need to protect their job (while for the most part there are very few paid jobs in Canadian soccer).

Some are in it for the glory, or to prove a point (as if in the greater scheme of things it really mattered)

while most of us do it for love!

New Year Aspirations

While there is much we may not agree on, I think we all agree that Canada needs to emerge from our current “third world ranking “ when it comes to world soccer – or at least not fall any further behind…

On the Canadian front – well - just so we can all agree – it would be great to knock hockey off of the top rung!

The very best to all of you!

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