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East Coast Voyageurs meeting???


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May 19-23 is the Concacaf Under 17 qualifing in Saint John, New Brunswick. (Somebody posted it's not 100% for certain).

I believe that's the Victoria Day long weekend.

If people here are serious about getting organized, or even just actually getting together and supporting our national teams, I think this would be a worthwhile event. Better than a meaningless Gold Cup. :)

If the meeting on the Left Coast happens the weekend before (May 14-15) than this could be a nice follow up and whatever. (It's not so much about "meeting" as just getting together and supporting the boys).

I think driving wouldn't be that bad. It's about what, like 14 hours from Toronto, depending on the border crossings. Montreal-Ottawa should be about what, 8-9 hours.

I quickly checked flights and Westjet Hamilton-Moncton was $400 and would have to get from Moncton to Saint John so probably easier (and cheaper) to drive.

If people could plan on being there Saturday noon, and then leaving after the final on Monday or whatever...

Just thinking out loud.

Okay I'm bored...

Air Canada flys Toronto-Saint John = $480 - but I'm sure something cheaper could be found

Hotel - the cheapest I found was just over $80 a night so for 4 people that's only $20

It is the long weekend so people could take their families or whatever and see that part of the country.

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Yes it's interesting that the game had been listed on the CSA site as Canada Games Stadium in Saint John but changed in the last week or so to TBD and the best I can find out now is somewhere in Eastern Canada.

Even though Saint John is only an hour and a half to two hour drive away I work weekends and if it's the May Run weekend it'll be hard to find a replacement but I'll try once confirmation of the venue is made.

Not really interested in belonging to any formal group but if the moon the stars and planets align wouldn't mind meeting some of you for a pint or 3. Although I doubt if many on this board are all that interested in anything other than senior team.

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