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Toronto isn't Canada!


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A Toronto MLS team would not be Canada's MLS team

How will Kevan Pipe’s proposed soccer “pyramid” structure benefit Canadian soccer? If, and that is still is a big if, if Toronto is awarded a MLS franchise, it will be Toronto's team, not Canada's team. The only time I ever feel turned off by Toronto is when people begin referring to things that are Torontonian as if they are Canadian. An example of this is when the Toronto Maple Leafs are the last surviving Canadian team in the Stanley Cup play-offs and people all of a sudden start referring to them as Canada's team. Bull. That's like saying Arsenal supporters become Manchester United fans when Manchester is the last English team left in the Champions League. A Toronto MLS team would consist of many foreigners, either as designated by the MLS, or whatever the Toronto budget could bear and then only in compliance with the rules of the MLS. I don't see a Toronto MLS team using many Canadians players that they could afford and being competitive in the MLS. So Mr. Pipe, please share with us how this would benefit Canadian soccer? In this proposed “pyramid”, Canadian USL (A-League) teams would be relegated to second class status. Montreal and Vancouver thank you. And proposing PDL teams raising the domestic structure really is baffling. Are they the domestic structure now? So just to not confuse people, Toronto's team might compete in the MLS, Canada's team is the one that competes in Gold and World Cups.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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