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quote:Originally posted by The Beaver

Damn these are good. Are you guys sending them to Poz? We should add his site to our list of links, too. Has anybody found a good one for Aguiar yet? Check out his CSA player profile photo. Damn, I wouldn't mess with him. He'd probably Bertuzzi me hard.



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Holy Cwap! I think that we all owe Chris Pozniak a beer now, for single-handedly lifting our mood, since the post WC Qualifying blues. Only a few days ago, we had a thread going about how nasty our posts have become and now, we are killing ourselves laughing.

Great work Chris! :D

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Beaches--you kick ass at this game. The Aguiar likeness is awesome.

Yes, kudos to Poz for lifting the mood. I warned him that he should probably expect a dozen likenesses for himself, but I'm sure he can handle the (light) abuse.

Not to pick on our young guys, but Robert Giacomi is just asking for a likeness with that spikey hair of his. Anybody taken this one on yet?

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