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Return of Soccer heaven on SN


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3 games, one of each:

Best Canadian

U-19 Women: Canada v USA-Final

U-19 Women: Canada v Germany

Men's World Cup Qualifying: Canada v Honduras

Best English

Tottenham v Arsenal

Chelsea v Blackburn

West Brom v Manchester United

Best Spanish

Barcelona v Osasuna

Athletico Bilbao v Barcelona

Barcelona v Real Madrid

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Good for them to choose categories this time. This poll had turned into a joke with english fans hijacking the poll and subjecting Canadian soccer fans to several uneventfull matches.

I recall one time watching one of these matches ( can't recall which one) being unaware of the outcome. I stayed glued to in the final 30 minutes expecting something extraordinary to happen but instead nothing out of the ordinary happened. It turned out to be at best, a very average game and at worst, a boring game. I recall thinking how the folks at RSN could have allowed this game to be rebroadcasted even though it had received tons of votes.

The same poll was held in 2000 when Canada won the GC. All six games chosen in the poll were EPL games.

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