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Canada to Win 78 medals in Next 3 Clympics


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The COC recently made a bold goal for the Canadian medal haul in the next three Olypics: 23 for Turin 2006, 18 for Beijing 2008, and 35 for Vancouver/Whistler for 2010, which is calculated to be first place in the medal total.

Check out the release here:


Now we've all heard this before after the last few underacheiving results at the latest Olympics. Is this finally a legitament commitment to support our Olympic athletes? or is this just wishful thinking?

Can these results be acheived? or has the COC and the government undersupported athletes for too long and there's no way to catchup?

I did think that something like this might happen considering Canada is hosting the 2010 Olympics and host countries tend to throw money in hopes of doing well in front of the home fans, but can we realistically hope to be the outright winner of the Olympics?

Mind you Norway a relatively small country hosted and won the medal total in 1994. Maybe we can be another Norway!

I'm eager to here people's comments. Maybe they can put some of the money into the MNT.

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