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Female FIFA Player of the Year, 2004


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FIFA announced their finalists for FIFA player of the year (the votes cast were not announced). To be announced at the Gala on December 20.

Mia Hamm


Birgit Prinz


Who deserves to win (not who will win, as often the least deserving is awarded)?

Birgit Prinz clearly deserved to win last year, if for nothing else than her WC perfomance. This year, although she was the highest scorer at the Olympics, and consistently scoring in the other internationals, she just did not seem as dominating on the field overall. I am not that aware of her club performances in Europe, and this may justify her award. her team apparently finished 2nd in germany in the spring, but is now at the top of the league, and her scoring for the club has again resumed.

I would respectfully suggest that Mia Hamm was nominated for her past performances (which FIFA often does, as with Zidane last year), not the ones this year. Her team won the Olympics, clearly the most important woman's tourrnament of the year, but I would suggest that there were more desreving players for the nomination amongst her American teamates.What were her club achievements this year? The men's 3 nominees this year are, for a change, are almost universally approved. This nomination, with respect, is the only controversial one.

My choice would be Marta, not for goal production, but for overall effect on the field and improvement of her team. She was to me the relvelation of the Olympics, and certainly the most entertaining. The fact that she was not in the top 3 scorers in Greece should not be a downside, as she is really an attacking midfielder for whom pure goalscoring is only secondary. I think the fact that she went to and performed well at the U19's should be of only minor importance (as it isn't the award for best junior perfomance), but it may have an effect on her being awarded. I didn't see any of her club performances for the Swedish club Umea, but she apparently was instrumental for the club in winning the UEFA Cup. As with the men's award, club performances should be as important as the national team performances. Some Canadian fans don't like her for her in-your-face attitude, as displayed here at the 2002 U19's, but that does not mean she is not a great player. Some might say that she has been nominated as much for entertainment value and promise, instead of actual performance this year.

Any further information to add about these three great players would be appreciated.

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I agree with your views about mia hamm being nominated for her past performances, but I still think she will win the award (although i don't fully agree with that). Marta should win it but I don't think she will get it this year. Her whole career is ahead of her and if she keeps up the way she is, she'll get it soon enough.

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