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Australian soccer


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Originally posted by BrennanFan - 11/28/2004 : 20:26:12</u>

Egan, what do you think Australia's chances are this time around against the south american team?

Originally posted by Egan - 11/29/2004 : 01:27:41</u>

Much better, the national squad is playing mroe reguarly then before. In 2002 we had great expectation to get their, after our 1-0 victory in Melbourne...it was not to be though.

This time under a new organisation that has brought reform, the side is playing reguarly and gelling as a team, we recently drew Norway 2-2 and have also played Turkey, South Africa and Columbia this year. We should have beaten Columbia but we have been having last minute concentration lapses and drew 1-1 in Columbia...not a bad result.

We also thrashed the Solomon Islands recently as well as the Oceania Cup in Adelaide.

What needs to happen is that we do not have concentration lapses, because we can beat any team on any given day and the forwards are particularly good at the moment. Tim Cahill and Marco Bresciano have become the stars and have a solid back 4, though they did miss Craig Moore in London.

They will get a sell out crowd to the Home and Away Series, 83,000 at Telstra Stadium and as this will be at a rectangular stadium, we need to win by at least 3 goals.

The whole country is hoping for victory...the last caimpaign in Uruguay brought unprecedented media coverage, hopefully it is similar this time around and we gain victory...I personally woke up at 2:30am to watch the game live.

I am hoping and preying that we get in, and so is the whole country. We deserve to be in the World Cup and will perform well if we get their...it seems we may have to play Uruguay, Ecuador or Columbia...we keep a close eye on the south american qualifying period always.

The coach is not very popular, but hes an australian so knows the soccer culture of our country very well...with them planning to play many games before the qualifying including the Confederations Cup...it looks good that we may qualify for Germany 2006...heres hoping...the country will finally recognise and love the game once we get into the World Cup.

14.8 million people watched the last World Cup in a country with a population of 20 million, even though Australia wasn't even in the tournament...what it could be if we were...football/soccer will go crazy if we do get in.

We just need this to spark the revolution

Originally posted by Soju - 11/29/2004 : 09:30:44</u>

Would you say Soccer is an acceptable (mainstream) men's sport in Australia? I'm also wondering about your domestic league, is it popular and regularly televised? Thanks

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