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Vanier Cup East vs West at Ivor Wynn


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The Desjardins Vanier Cup one of the truly (high profile) east coast to west coast national championships we have in this land .....stop yeas there are lots of others.....Saturday at 2pm my time . I will have to go on record and say Western Huskies by 11 yes more than a converted TD and a Field Goal.

The only down side for me personally is as I sleep all day-light hours on the weekends I can only tape one Euro soccer game . Gawd I hate MAN U and they have the early game vs West Brom. Oh well a Man U match so I can tape a Canadian Championship.Hmmmm or maybe an in progress start of Marseilles and Nantes and there's a 5 pm Spanish league game TBA teams is this the Espanyol / Atlectico Madrid game listed for 1 am my time on soccertv does any-one know?

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