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Your prototypical starting 11

Canuck Oranje

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I was watching the Sienna-Milan match this morning. After seeing the some of the other great players they have, I was wondering who you might put into an all-world starting 11?

Let's use active players and the selection should fit a 4-4-2. I am particularly interested in probing people's opinions about what they would look for in a player for each position. My selections may omit some other obvious choices but I went with players I know a little bit rather than trying to select players I know nothing about.

I also find that you select also gives an indication of how you like a team to play. In my case, you can see I like attacking fullbacks.

Here's my selection and rationale.

Goal: Oliver Kahn, Bayern Munich - I choose him because I like my goalkeeper to be outspoken. I was thinking between Buffon and Kahn but went with Kahn. Kahn has ruffled feathers in the past but I sense that he instills confidence in his team on the field.

Right Back: Cafu, Milan - I love this guy. He is gritty and he attacks and defends. He is a little older but still seems to be able to play at the highest level.

Centre Back: Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United - Solid and steady. There may be others but he is the one I think about when I think of defence. Stam would be another.

Centre Back: Alessandro Nesta, Milan - With all the attacking options in this starting eleven, some solid defensive strength would be needed down the middle. Again another solid and steady defender.

Left Back: Roberto Carlos, Real Madrid - What can you say about him?

Outside Right Midfield: Arjen Robbin, Chelsea - Liked him with the Dutch team at Euro 2004, he sealed his place in my eleven after his goal yesterday for Chelsea. I love my winger to be able to 1v1 on defenders and Robbin can do that. I don't know how he can defend though because in my eleven, Cafu would come forward.

Defensive Midfield: Ivan Gennaro Gattuso, Milan - In my opinion, the successor to Edgar Davids as the guy you love to have on your team and hate to play against.

Attacking Midfield: Ronaldinho, Barcelona - In my opinion the most talented all-round player today.

Outside Left Midfield: Ryan Giggs, Manchester United - Attacks defenders too. Always liked him.

Withdrawn Striker: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Juventus - I would love to see this guy play in the same team as Ronaldinho. Excellent on the ball and can set things up for others as well as score.

Centre Forward: Thierry Henry, Arsenal - I like Van Nisterooy in this position too but when with Henry because I think he can do more. The key in this position is to put the ball in the net.

Generally. This is a very attack minded side. The only concern from a team perspective is how the outside attack will mesh. It may have been better to outside midfielder who have a reputation for defending better; but, hey, I subscribe to the 80's Edmonton Oilers theory of simply outscoring the opposition.

There are no right answers, only opinions.

Oops - left out Giggs.

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Hmm. Will have to give this a pretty good think at work today. Don't think I could put together an All-World side. Few players on the continent do stand out in my Mind's Eye though.

Won't say anything about the rest but it's hard not to find space for Robbin and Henry these days.

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Well, he can't be all bad. He is still starting with Real Madrid and continues to be called by Brazil. Good enough for me

Again, every one has an opinion and in this case, it is more a question of who you would leave out rather than who you select.

quote:Originally posted by Loud Mouth Soup

That he's lost all defensive ability and is riding his one trick pony show of having a deadly free kick?

Ashley Cole is miles ahead of Carlos now as the best left back in Europe.

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I agree with LMS that Carlos is very weak defensively. Makes up for it with some nice plays coming forward but still guilty on many goals against. The weakness in the defence is the reason Madrid with all its talent has not lived up to its potential. I think Kahn was the obvious choice two years ago but doesn't seem to have the same level of concentration that he used to. Has been very shaky the last two years. I don't even think he should be starting for Germany anymore. The more he and Lehmann argue among themselves the worse both of them seem to play. Time for Hildebrand to take over as German starter.

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Again I will say that when I made my selections, I was trying to find players that were prototypical and still playing. Kahn and Carlos may not be what they once were but I think you would have to agree that they are prototypical in their positions. That is not intended to dismiss players not selected and only that those selected are the type of player that I would choose to fill each position.

I suggested active players because it would be be even more difficult to add in players like Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Pele, and Rivelino among others into the mix.

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Since the holidays loom ominously, why not have a bit of fun? I don't know about using a 4-4-2, as i'd prefer a 4-3-3 or 3-4-1-2. Yes, Canuck Oranje you stated a 4-4-2, but this is a kind of a meat-and potatoes formation for me, the 4-3-3 has a bit more spice. Provided a few alternates where it was really tough to decide.

Goal: Peter Cech Chelsea-Good positionally, doesn't give up soft goals, a bucket full of clean sheets so far, though the Chelsea back four has probably helped.

Right Back: Paulo Ferreira Chelsea-A good crosser, knows when to go forward and when not to, defensively very good.

Centre Back: Carlos Puyol Barcelona-Hernan Crespo doppleganger notwithstanding, tough son of a b***h not afraid to tackle and join the offense.

Centre Back: Walter Samuel Real Madrid-Based mainly on last year's Roma exploits, near impervious at the back. Rarely goes forward.

Left Back: Ashley Cole Arsenal-Best in the business at this position, a torrent of bottled up speed and a great defender.

Right Midfield: Jay-Jay Okocha Bolton-Plays so nice they named him twice! Great ball skills that can be used to beat defenders and defensively responsible. Playing out of position, but from here he has plenty of attack/distribution options, forward, to his left, and diagonally across the pitch.

Centre Midfield: Patrick Vieira Arsenal-Great two way player, exceptional defensively, perhaps one of the best midfield generals right now. Second choice would be Scott Parker, but mainly because he's an expert in the lost art of tackling.

Left Midfield: Arjen Robben Chelsea-Phenomenal talent, great left foot, shoots on target, provides great service for teammates. In terms of EPL young guns, better then C. Ronaldo.

Right Forward: Francesco Totti Roma-Yes, Euro 2004's "spit-gate" did sully his reputation, but such sublime ball control, almost whimsical at times, plus from this position he can cross to players in the box.

Centre-Forward: Samuel Eto'o Barcelona- He may look clumsy at times, but scores goals a plenty. Alternate choice, Didier Drogba, mainly because he's so good in the air.

Left-Forward: Ronaldinho Barcelona- Tremendous skills, great team player/leader, good on set plays, can run at and beat defenders.

So i don't get burned defensively, I'd ask Ashley Cole to make his excursions on offense more towards the centre of the pitch rather then the wing, as Robben and Ronaldhino would have the left side covered. Because most of the players are pretty quick, the midfield can scurry back to defend. As for offense, most of the attacking players can switch positions, save for Vieira, so 'total football' would be the offensive ethos.

On my bench: As mentioned as alternate choices, Drogba, Parker, and in addition Kaka, Chivu, and Edwin Van Der Sar.

A pretty entertaining side i think, just short of bringing ladders onto to the pitch to resemble the soccer equivalent of the globetrotters - I nominate Francesco Totti to be my Curly Neal :)

edit: previous use of cumbersome words horizontal and vertical edited out.

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What's the matta wit you people, huh? The name of Zinedine Zidane has to be the first name on a World XI, he is the Creator, the Meastro and the Metronome, a paragon of the Beautiful Game, a symbol for all who hope in vain for a better world...the last of his kind.

GK - Van der Saar - Taller and just as agile as Buffon or Barthez, much more reliable than Khan, commanding without the hysterics!

LB - Maldini - Still gets forward to good effect, doesn't seem to have lost much pace either.

LCB - Samuel - The immutable "El Muto". Doesn't say a word always gets the job done!

RCB - Stam - Fearsome looking, but has a bit of style as well.

RB - Puyol - Tough as nails, can get up and down the flank pretty well.

DM - Viera - I personally prefer Keane, but gotta give it to the big man, he's polished his game up real nice.

DM - Davids - Pit Bull still lives for the chase!

AM - Zidane - Shouldn't have to say anything, but his talents do get unrecognized. Bit too subtle for the average Yob.

AM - Ronaldinho - Puts a smile on people's faces, which is always a good thing.

LCF - Adriano - I'd take him over Henry, both have a lot of the same charasteristics, the Brazilian is bigger and stronger, just as fast, and scores in the big game!

RCF- Zlatan - Should have picked Ruud? This big Bosnian brat can improvise like a Brazilian and doesn't need to dive all over the place!

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Hey canso, would you roll out your XI in a 4-2-2-2 formation, where the midfield players are stacked a la Argentina?

Zidane is good and i considered him, but i think age may be slowly getting the better of the French Maestro, as it is with Davids. Age has completely overcome Keane, more bystander then defensive dervish now, while Maldini doesn't seem to be bothered by age at all.

Don't know about your opinion on Zlatan Ibrahimovic though. Sure, staying upright in the box is a respectable quality and he has scored some cheeky goals, I just don't don't know if he's a scoring juggernaut like Henry, Nistlerooy, Ronaldo or hell, even Shearer.

I doubt there'll be any takers for Cassano as a striker option in their XI, great talent, but such an unbelievably moody son of a b***h!

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Starting 11 from the goal Lehman.

Defense Baumann, < spelling correction >Reizeger , Campbell.

Mid Field Wright-Philips, Beckham, Zidane ,Keane, Butt.

Forwards Owen, Ronaldo

Subs Henry, Ballak, Schevcenko

In a perfect world.

HEY .....I need more than 11 how can I put in Frings , Roberto Carlos & Edgar Davids .....can I have a starting 21

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Best team huh...

Goal : Massimo Taibi : Simply because he is a genius .

Left back: Matin Keown - he is so scary looking no one would dare.

Centre Back : Jaap Stam - he is a shape shifter so no one will get by him, and he is also very scary

Centre Back : Willie Nelson - hes a nice old man who sings, who would want to embarass him by dekeing him out, Willie is nice.

Right back : Shay Given , because he spends more time there than in the net...you go Shay!

Left Mid : C Ronaldo - fall over again and confuse the ref! A gold mine of free kicks, so he wins here.

Centre Mid : Roy Keane - GRRRRRRRRRR - will beat you before during and after the game so why would anyone upset him...???

Centre Mid : Gattuso - A filthy dirty Italian cheating bastard, more free kicks and maybe an Oscar or Golden Globe award as well.

Right Mid : Becks - his beauty and fashion sheen will blind all defenders, they will watch him instead of the ball and strikers...watch him kick it you defenders, you love him....

Striker : Vieri - never smiles, never happy, evil man, stay away from him if you can or he will frown at you...beware

Striker : Ronaldo or Ronaldihno...yes watch the teeth, his teeth are love to you, they are beacons of light which blind the goalies, score Ronnie Score!!...

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My XI;

----------------------- 1 Rustu

------------------- 2 Gallas 5 Stam 6 Campbell

-------- 7 Beckham ----- 4 Viera ---- 8 Ballack ----- 3 Cole

------------------------------- 10 Deco

------------------------- 9 Shevchenko ---- 11 Larsson


12 Buffon

13 King

14 Duff

15 Ronaldinho

16 Henry

17 Gerrard

18 Ronaldo

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ROBBIN NEDVED VIERA QUERESMA(watch him, he'll be special)



What a team this would be. Two stikers that can work from distance, as well as up close from all angles. Three very offensive mids, with one defensive mid giant. A defense with speed, height, tackle ability and the occasional offensive chip in.

This is a hard exercise. How can you say no to Zidane, Ronaldhino, Becks, Rooney, Terry, Shevchenko, Totti (bastard but great), Deco, KaKa, Adriano, Ibrahimovic, Pires, Carlos, Panucci, yeah you know what I mean

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GK: Gianluigi Buffon - Juventus

LB: Paolo Maldini - AC Milan

RB: Dario Simic - AC Milan

CB: Fabio Cannavaro - Internazionale

CB: Walter Samuel - Real Madrid

RM: David Beckham - Real Madrid

LM: Gianluca Zambrotta - Juventus

CM: Patrick Veira - Arsenal

CM: Zinedine Zidane - Real Madrid

FW: Andriy Shevchenko - AC Milan

FW: Thierry Henry - Arsenal


GK: Oliver Kahn - Bayern Munich

D: Lilian Thuram - Juventus

M: Genarro Gattuso - AC Milan

AM: Andrea Pirlo - AC Milan

F: Mark Viduka - Middlesborough

I feel this is the best combination of speed, power, grit, talkent, flair, and ability.

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