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2004 CIS men's soccer championship [R]

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That is a pretty embarassing result for the supposed top team and top university player in the country.

Did anyone attend the match at my alma mater?

Noticed that St. Marys and McGill played to a 0-0 draw according to the CIS web-site.

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2 Groups of Three

Thursday November 11, 2004

12h0 Western 3 Montreal 0 Molson Stadium

14h15 Saint Mary's 0 McGill 0 Molson Stadium

Friday November 12, 2004

12h0 Victoria Western Molson Stadium

14h15 Toronto Saint Mary's Molson Stadium

Saturday November 13, 2004

10h0 Montreal Victoria Molson Stadium

12h15 McGill Toronto Molson Stadium

Sunday November 14, 2004

12h0 Bronze Medal Molson Stadium

15h0 Gold Medal CEPSUM

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Tough week-end for the top seeds.

U de M's fledgling [relatively speaking]inter-university sports programs certainly took a pounding.

Do not qualify for the soccer finals after being ranked 1st and playing at home [co-sharing venues with McGill]and then their football team gets thrashed by Laval.

The soccer championship web-site advises that Western beat St. Mary's 2-1 earlier today to take the bronze medal ahead of the UVic/McGill final.

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Does anyone know the composition of the U de M's soccer team. I ask as their roster was the only one at the Championship web-site which did not list "hometowns".

I am curious as to whether their team is "homegrown" or largely composed of grad and/or other out of country students. Articles I have read indicated that a few players originated from France but how many I do not know.

What was the competition like this year in the Quebec conference? Again, an article indicated that the competition was tough but provided no detail.

I see that McGill qualified as hosts despite now having made the league play-offs.

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Not suprised at all that Victoria won. A very experienced team (6 5th years, 4 4th years). Canada West is the toughest confrence to come out of. Only twice has a Canada west not medaled at the Championships.

Does anyone know if the game will be on TV?

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