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Updates In Italy


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Update in Italy no movement of players since the market open 11 days ago.

In Atalanta Lombardo scores his first goal a primavera league match game beating the Pistoiese team 5-0 in their 4 match of the 17 game season. A big game this weekend against the favourites Juventus and further on the Nov 27th agaisnt Bresa You can watch the match game on RaiSPort Satellite LIVE [8D]to start 16:30 Italy time or at 14:30 this will televised live at this Web site


In Savona in Serie D action Julian Uccello scored his 4 goal in ten games out of the 34 games season, to give a Savona the go ahead but unfortunately the Borgosesia team in the late minutes ties to end in a 1 -1 Draw. His fourth now puts him in the top 10 in his divison and the top of his team, out of the 265 total goals scored goals in the divison, but the youngest in his class of 86 The leader has 11 in the class of 73. You can visit the This NEW web site to get play by play and all the action shots of Uccello of all the matches with Savona.

The Web site is www.biancoblu.it look at the galley of Pics from there.

In Lucera Frnaco Lalli apparently is hurt :( and will be off for 20 - 30 days or so to an ankle injury. The team is in second place currently just points away from the top spot for promotion to the next level up Excellence. We hope that he recovers soon to get back into action and help the cause.

his Web site is


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