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USL AGM Highlights


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Canadian USL clubs to meet on a more regular basis.

Toronto Lynx and Sudbury Canadians approved for Girls Super Y

More television coverage.

More stadiums.

More international marketing

Increase in North Amercian USL "brand name" sponsorships.

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sudcan probably attended as a delegate, or got a report from his teams delegate, as he is on the Sudbury Canadians (W-League) administration. He may not have been able to give us more than a summary, as he would be bound to let the USL press releases explain the details.

Incidentally, a-league.com writer and sometime voyageur poster (and Portland Timber fanatic) Allison Andrews is attending the meetings in Florida and is writing daily articles (with many pics in the second of the scheduling frenzies) about them:



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I am not sure about the word “retarded” but it is fair to have different perspectives. But the environment at these meetings is remarkable. Even for something like game scheduling - it is refreshing on how accommodating these people are – it is really difficult getting used to a soccer organization that is not “top down” as opposed to “bottom up” and with a “true” sense of partnership.

While the USL, probably may be subject to criticism for many things

– this is not one of them!

But the real story that I want to share with you relates to the USL Canadians teams. Needless to say the Canadian contingent is small compared to the American side of this equation but you get a real sense that the US teams see the Canadian teams as “lethal” there is clearly a quiet respect for the Canadian teams. Needless to say the credit goes to the Impact and Vancouver.

In pondering - I wonder if, as a nation, we will ever get to feel that way at the “world” level”

it really did feel good ! –

maybe someday?

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The USL chain of teams will not produce the talent needed to win on the men's side. The women yes. But the men need a better level of competition than what the PDL or the A-league offers. Our men need to be playing at an MLS level at the least.

The only leagues that the USL run and are growing are the ones that do NOT pay it's employees (players).

for Sudcan, will the Canadians be running SYL teams next year? and if so, what is the cost to the player.

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