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The Kick - 10 Years After


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The 10th anniversary of that famous "karate" kick of Cantona in Selhurst Park. There is a well-written sseries of articles in Guardian Unlimited Football site front page about this from various angles. Beacause the page is regularly changed, I thought I'd capture the links here.



The kick that stunned football

Brian Oliver reflects on the most shocking, unforgettable and undeniably glamorous kick of the decade.


The assaillant

What on earth made him do it? Eric Cantona tells Darren Tulett just what he was thinking.


The target

At first Matthew Simmons was seen as a victim, then reviled as a racist. Now he's ashamed, reports Jamie Jackson.


The reaction

No one could believe it - least of all the bloke who had thrown a sickie to get to the game, reports Jamie jackson


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Four great reads. Cantona may have been an idiot for doing what he did but I've always liked the guy and I probably always will. I will always regret that he retired at only 31.

It's interesting that only one article printed the words that Simmons allegedly used and if in fact those words were really what was said, I can almost ... ALMOST ... justify some sort of reaction.

If Simmons really did say those things, he has no sympathy from me.

The fact that third parties came close to being injured clearly makes Cantona's actions unacceptable but as one of the stories concluded "Maybe some acceptance of his own responsibility in what happened that night at Selhurst Park would allow (Simmons) finally to move on."

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