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Does the CSA need to change their logo?


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Maybe this isn't the most important topic, but i think the CSA needs to change its logo. The half soccer ball, Canada, and half leaf design is kind of stale. The prominence of the half soccer ball is redundant. Does the opposition need to be reminded by the logo that they are in fact playing Canada's soccer team and not Canada's lacrosse or cricket team?

I think Canada should adopt a crest of some sort, where it has CSA, perhaps a small soccer ball, and some kind of leaf motif inside the crest. And maybe some sort of pithy saying, or a few words stating the Canadian ethos, if that can be done. Nothing fancy, but something that can withstand the test of at least a generation's time. The current design, although i don't know which year witnessed its birth, is so 1992.

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The 80's comment was actually referring to the decade in which the logo was created but actually it would probably be better to be stuck in the 70's than the 80's. Besides Galactica, the greatest sci-fi show on television ever, this decade provided us with numerous comparably high quality contributions to our culture.

I think we should pattern our new logo on the following designs:



This guy could be our new central defender. Not very good pace but an excellent tackler.


Don't be knockin my woman Kramer!


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You know, i realise that it is a question of taste, but check out some of these national associations. Their logo's seem a bit more professional then the Canada half-ball, half -leaf motif.





http://www.thefa.com/ maybe 3 beavers for canada?



http://www.ffu.org.ua/ ....has the ukraine ripped us off????



These are just a few examples, minus the ukraine, that are more interesting. I just think that in lieu of these, Canada could do better. Oh and I really do think the CSA lawyers should sue the Ukraine football federation if our design is pre 1991. Sue their pilfering asses!

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Oh I don't know about Ukrainian Football Federation getting off that easy Jarrek. Uber attorney Lionel Hutz clearly illustrated that the Modern Itchy IS a ripoff of Steamboat Itchy by Chester Lampwick. episode is "an itch to scratch".


The resemblance is eerily similar, as Mr. Hutz illustrated.

Hell just change Canada into the cyrillic alphabet, stylise the leaf, and voila, a spitting image.

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There once was a simple maple leaf logo, which in my estimation will never go out of style. The current logo is crap and only a further sign to me that the heads of the CSA are funneling money into off shore bank accounts (or into the Canadian entry for the X-prize. Only the CSA could come up with outfits this ugly).


Ironically enough, one of theses guys is Ukrainian.

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I really, really like the logo.

It has tradition (in a country without a whole lot of it). It's simple and straight forward: soccer ball + maple leaf = Canadian soccer. In a country where soccer isn't at the forefront of everyone's minds, people will look at that logo for the first time and understand what it's about and what it's for.

I could go for a new font for the script, but other than that it looks really good. I mean half of CONCACAF seems to have someone kicking a ball on their badge. That's just gross. Look at Costa Rica . . . some shadowy figure dribbling a ball with the poster of Hitchcock's Vertigo behind him.


And hey the new US logo looks a little more modern and will look a little more dated than ours in 10 years. And hey a great American soccer tradition: a ball with lines indicating movement! Classy!

As others have said it could be so much worse. I think the logo is one of the few things that's right with Canadian soccer.



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Juninho, what the heck is good about the German, Belgian and Danish logos?!? The German is just letters without corners, the Belgian looks very imperialistic and monarchistic, I guess they conquered the Congo with the same logo. And the Danish looks like it has never changed since the date on it, 1889 or something!

I love the canadian logo, its just perfect, like Matthew said: straight forward, simple, easy to recognize!


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