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Border Stars Join AISL


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> October 20, 2004

The AISL has taken another major step forward!

The Border Stars of the Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL) will be the next expansion team to sign on this year. Other CPSL teams have also shown interest, but for now they will be on hold for the 2005/2006 season.

"The Border Stars are a strong club with all the right tools to become a major force in the indoor soccer business as well as outdoor. We are excited to have them aboard."

Look for the new AISL schedule to be posted. Good Luck to all the teams this season. Let the games begin! This Game rules!

Paul Lapointe



I have never heard anything about this league. But this seems pretty cool. There's not many teams so traveling will cost lot. I wonder what the caliber of this league is like compare to the MISL. Do any of you guys no much about it?

I know Cleveland Force of the MISL just beat the Cincinnati Excite of the AISL 11-6

The Excite are also The Excite are currently trying to reschedule their exhibition match against the Chicago Storm, a new franchise within the Major Indoor Soccer League. Chicago had cancelled both matches due to problems within the MISL. The Excite are also pursuing an exhibition against the Columbus Crew, of Major League Soccer, to be played on November 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Tri-County SportsPlex.

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Looks like it's a brand new league. Only four teams with little geographical balance: Border Stars, Massachusetts, Cincinnati and New Mexico... New Mexico??? Weird.

EDIT: Actually it's not brand new. Former teams I came across are New Hampshire, Connecticut, a couple in New York, another in Massachusetts, and, according to this page, "Canada"???

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I e-mailed the Border Stars to find out more info about this. Below are the e-mails but the main info giving is:

• Home games will be played at a Windsor Arena that seats around 700.

• Ticket prices will be either a 2005 indoor/outdoor pass or $10 at the door.

• An their web site will be update soon with more info

My E-mail

Dear Border Stars,

I just heard the news of the Border Stars joining the AISL. Can you please give me as much info as you can about this, where they home games will, ticket prices and everything. The Border Star just took another step forward to been a model franchise in the CPSL. It would be great if you could update the Stars site with this info. Fans want to know this kind of stuff and once they hear about the indoor team, they'll love to come out and watch. Thank and I look forward to hearing from you.



Reply from Border Stars,


Thanks for the kind words, we are playing in Windsor at an arena that seats roughly 700 people. Our website is being updated as we speak to be more informative. Ticket prices will be either a 2005 indoor/outdoor pass or $10 at the door.

Thanks Again

Jeff Hodgson

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For the most part, the team will consist of the same players that are on their outdoor squad. Approx. half Canadians and half Americans. I'm not sure why they're listed as the Michigan Border Stars in the AISL and just Border Stars in CPSL; may just be a technicality.

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Stars add 10 games: Windsor pro team joins U.S. indoor soccer league

Dave Waddell

Windsor Star

October 29, 2004

Hoping to build on the success of their first season in the Canadian Professional Soccer League, the Border Stars will enter the fledgling American Indoor Soccer League this winter.

The team will play an eight-game schedule in the AISL and two exhibition games. The Stars will play all home games at the 700-seat Rosati Novelletto Complex in Mic Mac Park.

"So many people were asking us what's next that we felt there was a market," said Jeff Hodgson, the Stars president and co-owner. "It's a way for us to stay active in the community.

"This also gives us a chance to bring in different players to take a look at. It'll keep the guys in game shape year round.

"The more we can offer, the better chance we have of drawing players and fans."

The other teams in the AISL this season are the Massachusetts Twisters, the New Mexico Storm and the Cincinnati Excite. Hodgson's club will officially be known as the Detroit-Windsor Border Stars to capitalize on the markets on both sides of the border.

"We wanted to take advantage of the rivalry of having a Canadian team in the league," AISL commissioner Paul Lapointe said. "In the next year, there are two more Canadian groups interested in joining."

Lapointe said the AISL aims for smaller markets not served by the Major Indoor Soccer League. By operating out of smaller arenas with community-based teams, Lapointe intends to keep costs in check and tickets affordable.


While the four-founding AISL teams are scattered across North American, the league hopes to eventually have a Midwest Canadian Division eventually.

"We're basically the test pilots for the CPSL this season," Hodgson said.

The Stars kick off their season Dec. 18 at Massachusetts and will play host to New Mexico in their Jan. 8 home opener.

The Stars outdoor coach Pat Hilton will be the club's general manager/assistant coach while former Detroit Neon player Jason Davis will be the head coach. The Stars will post tryout dates on their website, borderstarssoccer.com, in a couple of weeks.

Individual game tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children, but the Stars are selling a season's pass good for both the 2005 AISL indoor and the CPSL outdoor seasons for $80. The passes entitle the bearer to bring an additional four people to the game.

dwaddell@thestar.canwest or 255-5777 ext. 412

© The Windsor Star 2004

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