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Top CPSL PLayers? Who Are They, Please?

Ian Kennett

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I have a question for CPSL/A-League fans. Could you guys please comment on who you believe to be the top players in the CPSL? Who could, in your opinion, have little or no difficulty playing for the Lynx or the Impact in the A-League?

I ask this because I have often heard comments in BC that there are players in the Metro League or in the PCSL who are better than some of the A-League players, but who cannot afford to play for the Whitecaps due to low pay over a short season. What is the situation like in Ontario/Quebec?

Many thanks!

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Ian Kennett: "Who could, in your opinion, have little or no difficulty playing for the Lynx or the Impact in the A-League? "

The players on both those teams are very adequate and just about anyone in the CPSL would have some difficulty at that level.

CPSL Border Stars:

Saw them play a lot this year.

Justin Marshall was Defender of the Year 2004 in the CPSL. The young Keeper, Anthony Santilli has great potential.

The rest picked by XXXX are good but whether they can perform at "A" Level has to be ascertained by better than I.


From the post of XXXX on the CPSL website concerning CPSL Allstars:

Can't pick the 11 best in the league but Amaral, Paleschi, and Munster seem rather worthy.

I confine my picks to the Border Stars, a team that used a lot of different players throughout the season, and generally had a balanced type of team with the mix of players they used. One or two of them might be serious candidates for a league allstar team.

In order of who I thought deserve a little special recognition:

1. Tati Errelade #10 - midfielder (10 goals in roughly 12 games that he played this year;exciting to watch, great footwork and speed)

2. Jeff Hodgson #7 - midfielder (workhorse of midfield; team owner and leader, the glue)

3. Justin Marshall #33 - defender (excellent skills; maybe the best in the league)

4. Aaron Byrd #9 & Steve Wonsch #15 - forwards (large, fast, strong and intimidating)

5. Anthony Santilli - Goalkeeper (will be great, if not already) Anthony was used sparingly throughout the season but was clearly the best of the two keepers the Stars had, in my opinion. This kid's going places.

There are others who are good but these standout to me.

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