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Canada's Group Set for U-20 Qualifying

Massive Attack

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quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

Group B





(26-30.01.2005 – Estadio TBD, San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS)

Note: Top two teams from this group qualify to the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship in the Netherlands


Seems like a pretty tough group, though I am confident Mitchell will have the lads ready for a good fight. Any thoughts? What is the weather like in Honduras in January? Actually, come to think of it, when will Mitchell get the guys together for a good camp and friendlies? Time is getting short. Or do I have my dates wrong?

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Does seem a tough group especially considering Honduras is at home and the majority of our U20s play in Europe and may be as ill-prepared as our MNT.

Consider Lindley, Begovic, Edgar, Ramalho, Castrillon, deJong, Lalli, Peters, Gyaki, Schiavone, DeGuzman, Ledgerwood, Lensky, Sheppard, Hughes, Uccello and Lombardo all play in Europe.

Then Wagenaar, Davis, Rosenlund, Charowski and O'Neil all have the potential to have their teams go deep into the NCAA finals, it does not leave much time for camps.

Hopefully our depth of talent will come to the fore.

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quote:Originally posted by gwallace76

That's the exact same group Canada played U-20 against in Victoria. Lucky draw?

Not to mention the exact same for the U17s in May...maybe CONCACAF tried to save some money and held one draw (and I use this term loosely) for the two age groups...

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quote:Originally posted by devioustrevor

Seems like a decent group to me. Canada always does well at the youth level.

Too bad that's not true.

Our Olympic squad hasn't qualified since 1984 (I think), our U17s haven't made it in a while and our U20s are vaguely consistent (although for 2001 they were at home and for 2003 they had an easy group -USA, ES, Haiti-).

The girls are another story.

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quote:Originally posted by Bertuzzi44

does a u-20 call-up cap-tie a player? I'm thinking Hughes/deGuzman...

It does NOT cap-tie you if you are eligible (providing the apllication is properly made and the FIFA committee approves it) to play for the second country (ie: Canada for Jonathan DeGuzman) at the time you played for the first country's youth team (hypothetically, Holland for Jonathan), so he could play for Canada anytime after that, provided that he did not play for a third country after that as well (ie:Surniam) nor that he was capped by the senior team of Holland in an A International at any time. However, after Jan1/2005, he now has to actually make a documented request to switch BEFORE he turns 21. These are the new rules brought in in October, 2003.

For instance, Frederic Kanoute, although he played for the U-17 French team, under the new rules he could switch to Mali, because at the time he played for France he had one of the two crtieria (parent/grandparent born in country, the other being citizenship which he did not then have for Mali), and he never played for France after he turned 21 nor for the senior A team at any time. He had already turned 21 at the time of the change (he was in his mid twenties I believe), but there was a one year grace period (now just expired) that allowed over-21's to make the change at the time (this was brought in specifically to free dozens of players who had been intentionally captied by France in U-14, U-7 and U-20 matches to prevent them from playing for other countries). Now (after Jan1/05), the switch has to be made before the player turns 21.


Section 15 of the FIFA Regualtions Governing the Application of Statutes


(at pages 60 and 61)


Article 15 Principle

1 Any person holding the nationality of a country is eligible to play for the representative teams of the Association of his country. The Executive Committee shall decide on the conditions of eligibility

for any Player who assumes a new nationality and for whom par. 3

of this article does not apply, or for any Player who would, in principle,be eligible to play for the teams of more than one Association due to his nationality.

2 As a general rule, any Player who has already represented one Association (either in full or in part) in an official competition of any category may not play an international match with another Association team.

3 If a Player has more than one nationality, or if a Player acquires a new nationality, or if the Player is eligible to play for several Association teams due to his nationality, the following exceptions apply:

(a) Up to his 21st birthday, a player may only once request changing

the Association for which he is eligible to play international

matches. A Player may exercise this right to change Associations

only if he has not played at “A" international level for his current Association and if at the time of his first full or partial appearance in an international match in an official competition of any other category, he already had such nationalities. Changing Associations is not permitted during the preliminary competition of a FIFA competition, continental championship or Olympic Tournaments if a player has already been fielded in a match of one of these competitions.

(B) Any Player who has already acquired eligibility to play for one

Association but has another nationality imposed upon him by

a government authority, is also entitled to change associations.

This provision is not subject to any age limits.

4 Any Player who wishes to exercise this right to change Associations

shall submit a written and substantiated request to the FIFA general

secretariat. After submitting the request, the Player is no longer

qualified to play for his current Association’s team. The Players’

Status Committee shall decide on the request. The committee’s

decision may be brought before the Appeal Committee. The Regulations

for the Status and Transfer of Players contain more detailed


5 Any Players who have already had their 21st birthday at the time of

implementation of these provisions and who fulfil the requirements

in par. 3 (a) are also entitled to submit such a request to change

Associations. This entitlement will expire definitively twelve months

after implementation of this provision."


Here is a FIFA news release in January, 2004, dealing with the rush of applications after the new provsions were brought in:


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