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Sudbury Canadians Podolski in the NCAA


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No! Indiana State is not one of the top ten NCAA D1 teams but Lauren Podolski is doing her part to promote Northern Ontario soccer players.

Lauren is typical example of Northern Ontario kid who just didn’t understand the word “no” and whose passion for the sport is remarkable – to say the least.

Lauren is freshman at Indiana State D1. She currently has the most points on her team and leads her conference even as a freshman.

While Lauren is not likely the first player from Canada to lead her conference in the NCAA she is likely the youngest Canadian player to play in the NCAA. Lauren is currently seventeen years of age and she won’t turn eighteen until her sophomore year.

But that is only half the story. Lauren lives in Sault Ste Marie and came to play with the Sudbury Canadians at age twelve. The distance between Sudbury and the Sault is 3 and half hours – I don’t think we need to say more about sacrifice and dedication…

Lauren was cut from the provincial program as she had difficulty making the eight and half hour trip to the OSA center each weekend. But that did not stop her - she went on to win the scoring title in the OYSL at age 15 while in the U17 division.

Last year when she scored three goals against the Inferno the folks from NTC called us but her parents rejected the offer despite the clubs encouragement to attend.

Since then there were several schools who openly offered Lauren a full scholarship but when Indiana Sate showed up at her door step – way up here in Northern Ontario - that was enough to win her over.

Thanks to Lauren we now have had every team in her conference ask us about our future prospects.

All I all and in the grander scheme of soccer in Canada this is a relatively small step - but a step in the right direction for Northern Ontario.

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