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Brian Budd: Canada's best commentator

Former Champ

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Yeah, he was a great player in the 70's, full of piss-and-vinegar, and wore his heart on his sleeve.

Funny you should mention him, because I remember seeing him on the Score, and thinking, hey this would be CC's type of commentator. I personally find him a bit overthewall for my tastes, I prefer Paul James (is he still the other commentator with him?) understated style. But Budd certainly wakes you up!

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quote:Originally posted by Current Champ

Why does no one talk about this guy (THE SCORE channel 30 in Calgary).

Best Canadian soccer coverage anywhere!!!

Best comentator, worlds greatest superstar (he always won the world Superstars competition when it was first invented)

When is the CSA's contract with Sportsnet up? I think The Score with James Sharman, Paul James, Brian Budd would be a great combination, although Craig Forrest and Dick Howard would also bring great insight.

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