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How about adopting the Portuguese formation


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Canada adopting the Portugese Formation, with Hume adopting the Deco role?

------------------------------- Lars

-----------------Devos © ----- Inhoff ------- Reda

-- Stalteri ----- Hutchinson ----- De Guzman --------- Jazic

-------------------------- Hume

------------------ De Rosario -------- Ocean

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I didn't see Azerbaijan, but here's my two cents on the Canada version of what I saw of England's formation against Wales:








I don't think Hume is good enough 1-on-1 to play that CF, CAM role. I'm not sure DeGuzman can the hit goal, but I didn't see Hume have much luck in WCQ either.

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I like the idea of a 3-4-1-2 formation in principle, but does Canada really have the talent to pull it off?

In order for this formation to be viable, i figure you need the following qualities:

1. A back three that is non-pourous and understands zonal coverage, can execute an effective offside trap, AND must be aware of midfield help and where it is positioned upon arrival.

2. You need a very solid defensive midfielder in the middle, one that can boss the defensive third of the pitch, AND get the play going forward. Someone like Serioux comes to mind.

3. You need midfielders aware of their defensive responsibilities, especially on the wing as they need to be responsible for man to man coverage. Midfielders must stop the opposition in midfield if possible.

4. Players who can put passes together and cross the ball diagonally across the pitch! The nice thing about a 3-4-1-2 is that your team is one constructed not on width, as in a 4-4-2, but depth, as you have four players stacked who can take advantage of empty spaces. So, the interplay between the wing and central players is integral via short passes, give and gos, and crosses.

The cool thing is that a 3-4-1-2 is built on the counterattack, a very well-oiled offensive philosophy where you need fast players. Roma last year played it at times to dizzying effectiveness (when they did put carew with cassano and totti played in the hole). But the rock of this formation must, i mean MUST be your back three. I think Canada has the midfield players and perhaps forwards to pull it off, but in the back three department Canada may be lacking.

But here goes anyway (based on players that have played for Canada during WCQ campaign)


----------Back three?

Peters Serioux DeGuzman Simpson


---------Occean Derosario

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