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Ideas for the future


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Some very simple points (hopefully not already covered):

1) Regular camps in Europe and games against ANYONE (league teams, non-league) who will play us during international breaks or otherwise. We have to keep the core of this team familiar with each other.

2) Canadian B team playing constantly against CONCACAF, A-League or MLS competition (maybe even the top non-pro teams in Canada too).

3) Both must happen consistently and not only prior to WCQ - two games against Millwall is not sufficient.

I think just these two things (though more is needed) would benefit us greatly.

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1) More friendlies, with more at home, get that Canada cup of Soccer

tournament going again, at least

once a year and move it round the country.

2)More games for the Youth teams,Olympic/Pan am Games teams so the current manager can get a proper look at them.

3) A pro league in Canada must get organized properly, with at least

1 team in the major Canadian cities.

4) let the CSA focus more attention on the mens teams, womans football just don't cut it and lacks any real future.

5) The federal government to increase the CSA's mens team budget to play

more of these friendlies.

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1. How about some seriousness from the CSA, which could start with the elimination of Kevin Pipe. He's done nothing except win a Gold Cup(which I'll point out they only got the opportunity thanks to a coin toss.

2. Stop North American and European camps. One A-team, and a B-team are sufficient, with the B-team being optional. Focus on playing friendlies with anyone who'll be interested. Surely we could play more against USA, Trinidad, etc.

3. Eliminate the old aging never-stars, like Watson, Pesch, and Onstad. They've been unsuccesful for too long. Give the team to Hutchison, De Guzman, Simpson, and give them a real chance, not just spot duty.

4. Be serious. The CSA needs to be stern in saying that THIS CAMPAIGN WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Commit to doing whatever it takes to succeed.

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