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CSA: Canada Arrives in Honduras....

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World Cup Team Arrives In Honduras

The Canadian Men’s World Cup team arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras yesterday and trained at one of the two national stadiums in this city by the sea. The team was met at the airport by dozens of Honduran media before boarding the bus for the team hotel.

The team spent three days in Ft. Lauderdale getting accustomed to the heat and humidity. On Wednesday, the team played an intra squad game with some local players helping to fill out the teams. Dwayne de Rosario, Iain Hume and Daniel Imhof scored for the white team while Carlo Corazzin repaid for the blues.

All the players arrived fit and healthy and the travel day went off without any problems although a thunderstorm and traffic accident on the I95 caused some nervous moments on the bus trip to Miami Airport.

The team will train again today at the Olimpico Stadium in preparation for Saturday´s crucial World Cup Qualifier. The game will kickoff at 3:00 p.m. local time. The temperature in San Pedro Sula is around 32 Celsius with high humidity. Organizers are expecting a sell-out.

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Canada Prepares For Honduras

Canada's Men's World Cup Team held a one hour training session at the Estadio Olimpico in San Pedro Sula, Friday in preparation for Saturday's World Cup Qualifier against Honduras. Head coach Frank Yallop put the team through some crossing and finishing drills after a lengthy warmup under the guidance of assistant coach Dale Mitchell.

The team arrived to find workers still mowing the grass and huge piles of grass dotted along the 18 yard box. Team officials then began clearing and raking the field and dodging the lawn mower while the players warmed up

The veteran players continue their domination of the younger players in the skills games which have highlighted this trip.

"The future is bright - in about five years," quipped 33-year-old Carlo Corazzin.

The practice was held under a sweltering sun with temperatures hovering around 34 degrees.

The conditions reminded Mitchell of Elliott Godfrey's infamous comment following his first game in Honduras with the Under-20s.

After being asked if he had ever played in weather that hot, Godfrey replied: "Played in it?I have never even suntanned in it mate."

Tomorrow's game has been sold out for weeks and officials are expecting a sellout of 50,000 fans.

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quote:Originally posted by marcl_19

50'000? thats gonna be a pretty intimidating place to be....i feel sorry for any voyageurs who r attending the game :S

I am curious who is attending this game. I may have missed some posts but I haven't heard any mention of someone making the trip..

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